David Guetta, EDM legend, even slammed the door

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The 10th anniversary of the country’s largest electronic festival has arrived. Here is our timeline of EDC Mexico 2024.

Leizer Guss, Managing Director of OCESA, told us about it in a recent interview EDC Mexico that “Yes, I think it at least marks a before and after within the festival industry and especially in the Mexican electronic music scene.

It’s 10 years of historyof course with its complicated moments, but also with a legacy that has led us to this 2024 edition is the celebration of an event that shaped an entire generation, and that he will do the same with others moving forward. Here we leave you our chronicle of the festival.

Review of the edc mexico 2024 festival
Illustrative image. Photo: EDC Mexico (via Facebook).

Chronicle of EDC Mexico 2024: Festival tradition and the party from outside

EDC México has this detail there, very curious, This not only adds color to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez and its surroundings, where the tradition of meeting friends for a street michelada before going to the festival is maintained. Or if it’s not chela, it’s some of those cheap concoctions that contain agave alcohol and grapefruit lemonade.

The desire to party (in the mood or not) is felt from the moment you get on the subway or metrobus (for those of us who have to enter through door 15). with the bizarre and stunning outfits or the small groups of scandalous friends already partying from beforehand in order to arrive in time for the event.

For many, this is one of those nice, short moments when the traffic jams on public transport don’t bother them much. Finally, You go to a festival to forget how stressful the week is. at school, at work or whatever.

Aside from that, It is impossible not to be infected by the environment If you arrive in the afternoon, you can already hear the beats rumbling outside. It even makes you want to buy an artificial flower necklace from the vendors you pass. Or if you’re lost, head to one of the street stalls to get your makeup done if you didn’t have time at home.

The meme culture, present at the festival

It is not necessary to go to the main stage of EDC México to think the impressiveness of KineticFIELD. As always, the stage impresses with its enormous structure with four screen towers surrounding this iconic feminine design seen in the US editions of the festival.

It’s lively to see this stage, especially with acts like Benny Benassi, who presents you with all kinds of remixes, even with “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers or another Ariana Grande song. And of course his classic “Satisfaction,” which put electrohouse on the musical map in the early 2000s.

But heading into the fourth round of the Autódromo, there are more details that make you curious to understand the cross-generational significance of this festival. Costumes and outfits are a distinctive feature of EDC Mexico, and they add a random touch to each issue. From religious figures to dinosaurs, aliens, cowboys and angels. Whatever you like and order, you can see here.

And like the outfits, the totems are an integral part of the overall visual mood throughout the event. In this sense, Memera culture is present in thousands of ways. EDC is 10 years old and in the same period we have seen memes become an essential element of pop culture for this generation that has seen the rise of the Internet.

Cheems is the most repeated meme (sad to remember puppy’s death) and it is perhaps the most iconic in recent years. But no matter how much his character appears, it’s clear that “Amsiety” has no place at the festival.

Review of the edc mexico 2024 festival
Meme culture has taken root in the famous totems of EDC Mexico. Photo: Andres Salgado.

Or well, not the fear, but the fear. On one of the walks we took from the main stage to CircuitGROUNDS, We had to be briefly detained by the police who were “on the run”. and he thought that this humble Sopibecario smoked marijuana.

And we’re not lying to you; We even shook hands. But it was just a confusion… although those who brought in their weed certainly had problems when they had to be searched. Well, if “Brother, the law has fallen”.

Dillon Francis won the KineticFIELD

As night falls – and you’re well into your 30s – many people are already starting to feel tired. You know, the walk back to KinecticFIELD to see Dillon Francis around 10 p.m. already feels oppressive as you walk off stage Wasteland or NeonGARDENBy the way, what impressive buildings these are.

Not much is said, but we believe that this detail is part of the legacy of EDC Mexico and Insomniac Events in these 10 years Give the scenarios concept art. In recent years, OCESA has repeated the idea with the main stages of Corona Capital (full of structures and references to CDMX) and the Arre festival. This is what the EDC platforms look like.

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But well, back to the chronicle… oh surprise, how cool it is to have the Mushroom CarART on the street that isn’t crowded with people and that It is perfect for those who want to dance quietly. If you can’t stand festivals anymore but still feel like partying, this setting is a wonderful place to relax.

It’s a very cool thing and very funny that he meets us there at a moment of the night. a totem with Grandpa Simpson’s “Not Cool Anymore” memes. It’s also okay to not put up with festivals as usual, and this totem/meme is proof:

Review of the edc mexico 2024 festival
A meme you can relate to. Photo: Andres Salgado.

Now, after returning to the Kinetic, it was time to see Dillon Francis. It’s a cruel coincidence that the verse in one of his tracks sounds right then “It’s the police, raise your hands.”a few boys were about to be checked by the police. And so they didn’t release her.

But beyond that, What a good show Dillon Francis put on. Some will think that he is a producer who may not be in his prime like he was in the 2010s, but when we listen to his set we are reminded why he is one of the great producers of this generation, led by Skrillex and Diplo They put dubstep and EDM trap at the forefront for a few years.

Dillon is known to have an affinity for Latin sounds, which is why he doesn’t shy away from using them a very crazy cumbia mix that gradually turns into dubstep aggressive shallows.

Also frenetic is his versatility to go from dub to electrohouse, or that great moment when he made it sound “La nave del olvido” by José José as a prelude to “Get Low” and then “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. Nice show, the network.

On Saturday the door slammed at EDC México 2024

Just as you read it… On Saturday evening, while the party continued at EDC Mexico, A fight broke out and a door slammed, which social media videos show appears to be the entrance to Door 6 of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome. It was said to have been shortly before 8 p.m.

Media like El Universal underline this There were almost 200 people who forcibly enteredThis happened after security guards prevented passage through one of the access filters. And now, the onslaught began to reach the other access filters.

As can be seen in videos on social networks, various helpers had already dismantled some safety railings, loaded them and carried them from one place to another. Some social media users commented on this There were even those who took the opportunity to enter the festival without a ticket.. He became tense, but it didn’t seem to get any worse.

David Guetta, EDM legend

Time passed and it was exactly 12:30, it already felt a bit colder. But even with that, There was no shortage of people shirtless or even partially naked.. Really, a pure enthusiastic and partying adventurer. And of course, if the headliner of the Saturday-Sunday evening came… the mere David Guetta.

Although some people were already leaving KineticFIELD, the place was full. And much like Dillon, David Guetta may not be around today right at the top of your mind of electronics, but we must consider his name and legacy as a producer shaped the 2010s and brought EDM to the forefront of the pop industry.

So it’s no surprise that his set evokes so much nostalgia “Titan” or “Memories”, songs that have been released for more than 10 years. In any case, these songs are impressive Guetta is remembered as one of those pop stars of the last decade which were played on mainstream stations in every country.

But this nostalgic mood applies not only to his own songs, but also to remixes of them 80s rock songs like “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi or “The Final Countdown” by Europe. And here came the moment when you realized that no matter how much of an EDM lover you are, you know how to sing those songs of yesteryear with anything.

Review of the edc mexico 2024 festival
People enjoyed David Guetta on the second day of the festival. Photo: Andres Salgado.

In this sense, everyone understands what it means David Guetta and why his performance at EDC Mexico 2024 was so exciting. And because of this, there is a certain level of brotherhood (fueled by the drinks, of course) that can be sensed in the environment, with strangers hugging, taking selfies (who knows if they remember that exists) and even go out for a secret drink every now and then. The following totem sums it up:

Review of the edc mexico 2024 festival
“May David Guetta and my little boss be forever.” Photo: Andrés Salgado.

The EDC Mexico 2024 chronicle continues on Sunday… We’ll see what Skrillex has in store for us…

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