David Duchovny allowed Paralympic athlete to train at his home

David Duchovny offered athlete Rudy Garcia-Tolson the opportunity to prepare for the Tokyo Paralympic Games at home. The American star of the X-Files series indeed has a training pool in his home in Malibu.

It had been five years since Rudy Garcia-Tolson, 32, had left competition.

However determined to participate one last time in the Paralympic Games, the American triathlete specialist in swimming had to train on his own. Access to the Olympic swimming pools being limited because of the pandemic, he then found himself without a training place for 15 months.

The story reached the ears of David Duchovny, who did not hesitate to open the doors of his swimming pool to him. The actor, also a triathlete in his spare time, has a swimming pool with a basin suitable for training Rudy Garcia-Tolson. After several weeks of hard work, he landed his Paralympic ticket.

Currently competing in Tokyo, the 32-year-old athlete will be at the start of the 200-meter medley and the 100-meter breaststroke.

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