David Corenswet, the new Superman successor to Christopher Reeve, Henry Cavill and a whole dynasty

If there is a superhero that everyone comes to mind quickly when thinking of one, that is Superman. He is perhaps the most famous of all, with his iconic blue and red suit and his alter ego with Clark Kent glasses.

It is quite a challenge to bring it to life, as Christopher Reeve and more recently Henry Cavill did, but also other actors such as Tom Welling, Brandon Routh or Dean Cain. The shadow that they have bequeathed to the world is long, but the next Man of Steel movie, “Superman: Legacy”, is precisely legacies.

And the person in charge of using Kal-El’s red cape again already has a name: David Corenswet, who has received the best of those present as a birthday present: the superpowers of Krypton.


David Packard Corenswet was born on July 8, 1993 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States). The son of lawyers and with Jewish ancestry on his father’s side, he also inherited his acting vocation from him, since John Corenswet was a theater actor before opting for law.

In addition, David is the grandson of the writer Edward Packard on his mother’s side, to whom we owe the famous “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Packard, creator of this concept of interactive literature, wrote about 50 titles in this format.

Thus, he inherited his vocation for theater from his father, and from his grandfather, the talent for writing and the fixation for being the protagonist of his own story… The hero who now, 30 years later, will finally put on his cape .

Since childhood, Corenswet began to act in plays. And from a very young age, he began to write his own scripts like the one for the movie “Following Chase” (2011), directed by Greg Koorhan or the web series “Moe & Jerryweather” (2014-2016) for which he also drew. He also acted in the 2013 movie “Moe & Clyde”.

His artistic inclination went further and, therefore, during his first year as a student at the University of Pennsylvania, he applied to enter the prestigious Juilliard in New York. There she graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in theater, in 2016.

Already with the university degree under his arm, David Corenswet began to make his way in Hollywood and also on television. His first role after graduating was in the series “Elementary” in 2017. The following year, in 2018, he worked in the movie “Affairs of State” and in the series “Instinct” and “House of Cards”.

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The latter gave him more notoriety as an actor, who grew up on “The Politician” (2019-20) and “Hollywood” (2020), where he was mentored by Ryan Murphy. The series “We Own This City” (2022) and the movies “Look Both Ways” (2022) and “Pearl” (2022) complete his filmography for the moment.


But, without a doubt, what has meant a before and after in David Corenswet’s career is having been chosen to take over from Henry Cavill and be the new Superman in the next film, scheduled to be released in 2025.

A choice that surely has a lot to do with the comparisons that have been going around the web for a few years commenting on the resemblance between Corenswet and Cavill: “I realized it before the internet got it,” David confessed to Entertainment Weekly back in 2019. .

And already then, as if it were an afterthought prophecy, it was clear to him: “my greatest ambition would be to play Superman,” he declared. And now, three years later, that dream has come true.

What will Corenswet’s Kryptonian hero be like? It will depend more on director James Gunn, but at the time David was clear: “I would like to see a more retro and optimistic version,” he said, “I love the dark version of Henry Cavill, but I would love for the next one to be brighter ”.

But, although his intentions on the screen are to shine, his personal life prefers to keep it more in the shadows, since the actor keeps a low profile and little is known about his relationships beyond the professional.

And it is that although he has more than 463,000 followers on his Instagram, David only publishes content related to his work as an interpreter, removing some photos of his childhood and his pets.

Although there is a curious fact about a relationship but, for now, it belongs only to fiction: Rachel Brosnahan who, like Corenswet, has also worked on the series “House of Cards” will now play the co-worker and love interest of the hero, Lois Lane.

Meanwhile, the actor couldn’t have had a better way to celebrate his 30th anniversary: ​​by becoming the most famous superhero of all time.

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