David Collado calls for more incentives for entrepreneurs

The National Entrepreneur Day, which is held today, motivates the promoter of this initiative, David Collado, to ask President Abinader and the Congress of the Republic for a amendment to law 688-16, of entrepreneurship, so that a tax incentive is created for large companies that support young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Today is the National Day of the Entrepreneur. Eight years ago, Law 88-13 was approved in the country, declaring November 12 as a celebration of that date. The initiative was of the then deputy David Collado, currently Minister of Tourism.

In 2013, Law 88-13, of the Dominican Entrepreneur, was promulgated, and in 2016, Collado also submitted another bill, Law 688-16, but although it was approved, it did not reach a consensus, so the official called for to that piece of legislation is added the part of tax incentives to help young entrepreneurs.

His proposal is that large companies have tax incentives to invest in small companies.

“And that the retribution of these incentives large companies have them tailored and in the same amount in which the small company begins to pay taxes, that is, the State does not lose anything,” he explained.

Collado has been working for more than 18 years on entrepreneurship issues in the Dominican Republic, in order to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in young people and adults. Just about 20 years ago, in 2002, together with the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, a recognition was given to Don Pepín Corripio, a motivation that will be replicated today with a new recognition of Don Pepín, and the José Miguel entrepreneurs will also be recognized González Cuesta and Mr. Frank Rainieri.

As part of the celebration, the current Minister of Tourism called for fairs and activities to motivate entrepreneurs in the country.

They will recognize don Pepín
The entrepreneurs fair has been held for eight years and in this meeting the businessman Corripio has participated with the Pepín Corripio award for the Dominican Entrepreneur.

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During the fair celebrations three young people have been awarded each year, and each one is given advice in the economic area, in the legal part, “And Don Pepín gives RD $ 500,000 to the first place, RD $ 300,000 to the second and RD $ 250,000 to the third place”, Explained Collado.

With these motivations it is proven that counting on advice and a minimum capital to work can start a new business, he argues.

During these eight years, Don Pepín traditionally meets with young entrepreneurs for more than two hours with each one, and in whose meetings they receive advice on how to solve the problems that arise, he said.

“That is why the Entrepreneurs Fair has decided to recognize don Pepín for his support of the fair. He has not missed any of the fairs in these eight years and has given more than four free talks, “said Collado.

One of those talks was held in Ágora Mall, in four cinemas simultaneously and all were filled, Collado recalled about these conferences, to emphasize as one of the reasons to recognize the businessman again.

José Miguel González Cuesta, president of the CCN Group, the El Nacional and Jumbo supermarkets; and Mr. Fran Rainieri, president of the Punta Cana Group, will be recognized, as will two young entrepreneurs with limited resources who have two projects underway. The five recognitions, three for the trajectory of businessmen and two for young entrepreneurs, will be awarded in an event attended by President Luis Abinader.

Collado said that the difficulty of financing leaves many dreams stranded, that many dreams remain in projects.

Collado affirms that these recognitions are also a sign of the need to preserve the legacies, to be able to leave models of aspirations and examples to young Dominicans, “to leave something to dream about for the youth.”



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