David Castro: "It is a dream that I have fulfilled"

– How does it feel to win the gold medal?

– It is the reward for a job well done and for me it is a dream come true because it was a goal that I had in my mind for a long time

– How was the test?

– Well, at first it was something strange for me because I had not competed in Olympic distance for two years, although in the end everything went well and we were able to get the best result

– What does this medal mean in your career as an athlete?

– I will try to improve myself because motivation is always very important and now I will have more confidence with this medal because there have been several years of hard work in which we did not obtain fruit, but in the end every effort has been worth it.

– Many messages in the last hours …

– Quite a lot (laughs). The messages that I have received from friends and from many people who remember it have been crazy and they have given me a lot of joy. I had not been able to get a good result in a race for a long time and in the last hours I have tried to answer the maximum number of messages.

– What challenges do you face for the future?

– I want to train hard to be able to prepare in the best way for the European Championship in Valencia, also for the Spanish Championship. Now I want to celebrate this medal, but on my horizon I want to continue training well and I would like to be in the next Olympic Games because for me to be in that appointment would be a dream.

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