David Cameron on his controversial visit to the Falkland Islands: “I hope the islands want to be British forever”

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who arrived in the Falkland Islands this Monday, said he hoped so The area wants to remain under the administration of the United Kingdom “a long time, possibly forever.”

As the AP news agency reported, Cameron also referred to the residents of the archipelago: “As long as they want to be part of the UK, they are welcome and we will support them and help keep them safe and, as far as I’m concerned, to defend them absolutely as long as they want. And I hope it stays that way for a very, very long time, possibly forever.”

The British official’s visit to the Malvinas is the first to be a British ministerhas been doing this since 2016. It came a month after his meeting with Javier Milei in Switzerland during the Global Economic Forum in Davos.

Unlike other presidents Milei takes into account the inhabitants of the South Atlantic islands which belong to Argentina. In this context, the head of state proposes a solution similar to the agreement negotiated by the United Kingdom with China regarding Hong Kong.

“We want to find a workable solution for the Malvinas Islands. England had a similar conflict: with China and in the case of Hong Kong. We propose a similar solution whereby England returns the islands to us through diplomatic channels. But in this process one cannot ignore what happens to the people who live on the islands. “That means you not only have to find a solution with England, but you also have to take into account the interests of the people who live on the islands,” Milei argued at the time.

Cameron’s visit had a strong impact on the Peronist opposition. Gustavo Melella, governor of Tierra del Fuego, declared the British minister “persona non grata” and described the trip as a “real provocation” against Argentine sovereignty.

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“The presence of David Cameron in our Malvinas Islands is shaping A new British provocation which aims to undermine our legitimate sovereign rights over our territories and maintain colonialism in the 21st century. “We won’t allow it,” the official said.

“As long as the British usurpation of our territory continues and Britain continues to refuse to resume negotiations If the international community decides to give us back what is historically and legally ours, we will not rest in our fight. “No colonial representative of any state that attacks our territorial integrity and tarnishes the memory and eternal sacrifice of our Malvinas heroes will be welcome in our province,” he added.

In line, Former Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero expressed his “most categorical rejection” on Cameron’s presence in the Malvinas, describing it as a “provocation”. “This is a new and unacceptable provocation that did not exist 30 years ago and that must be rejected by the national government (…) The silence of the Argentine Foreign Ministry is surprising and worrying.” The rejection and protest against such actions and provocations are not hostility. It uses international law to protect rights that belong to the Argentine Republic,” he assured.

Guillermo Carmona, former secretary of Malvinas, also reiterated this. “The Argentine Foreign Ministry remains silent in the face of a provocation that requires a diplomatic response. If the rejection and protest do not come from the government, let us as a people show that we do not agree with colonialism,” he noted.

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