David Beckham wins Real Madrid’s Ballon d’Or

Very valuable information from the madridista environment confirms that the Croatian midfielder will definitely leave Chamartín, but he would also have a guaranteed destination, and that would be alongside Messi.

Information about Luka Modric’s departure from Real Madrid is becoming increasingly stronger, but on this occasion David Beckham is mentioned. As is known, the English businessman inspects the European market in search of talent of all types, quality and in this case age, but above all quality.

This means that Luka Modric will end up playing for Inter Miami alongside Lionel Messi and other notables. At least that is the intention of David Beckham and his constant visits to LaLiga and the surroundings of the Santiago Bernabéu. The truth is that Modric will not wear white again beyond the current season.

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Luka Modric and contacts with David Beckham

The meetings between the former Galactico and the legend of Madridism are becoming more and more frequent and this has given rise to all possible versions. The only certainty, as we said, is that the Balkan midfielder will not renew his contract. For this reason, the businessman is intensifying his work to get the Croatian star’s yes.

To Modric’s mailbox Offers from the MLS had already arrived but this is the first to come from the Garza team. Further suggestions from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Croatia also landed on the players’ table. But everything indicates that the former Tottenham and very soon the former Real Madrid will play in the Miami team.

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Real Madrid are preparing to say goodbye to Luka Modric

Both Carletto and Florentino Pérez and a large proportion of the fans know that the 38-year-old midfielder no longer fits into the team’s tactical plan.. His role has evolved from a leader in the sports field to a more technical player in the locker room. His great career and experience allow him to be like a coach on the field, but that’s not what the club wants.

In this way, the Madridista board hopes that it will be Luka Modric himself who will say goodbye of his own free will at the end of the season. Nobody knows whether the footballer will continue his career in the MLS, Saudi Arabia, the USA or Croatia or simply hang up his boots. The truth is that his name is already in Real Madrid’s hall of fame.

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