Daval case: Alexia’s parents will publish a book

Media coverage of the Alexia Daval affair is not going to stop. As her husband, Jonathann, was sentenced last November to 25 years in prison for the murder, the victim’s parents prepare to publish their testimony on October 28.

Publisher Robert Laffont announced Wednesday that the book will be titled “Alexia, Our Daughter.” It will be signed by the parents, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, and written with the journalist and television producer Thomas Chagnaud. “Four years have passed since she was murdered by the one who promised to love her. Since then, we no longer live. We survive ”, affirm the authors in the presentation of the work.

The editor also promises “an incredible scenario that tells us from the inside, as close as possible to the murderer, by all those who surrounded him during these long evenings of lies, pain and manipulation,” reports AFP.

The partially charred body of Alexia Daval, 29, was found in October 2017 in a forest near her home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône), two days after her husband Jonathann was notified of her disappearance. . After showing the face of a grieving widower for three months, the researchers confused him after careful investigations. He was sentenced in November 2020 to 25 years in prison.

The many twists and turns on this matter sparked intense media coverage amidst the #MeToo wave. During this time, Alexia’s parents sometimes felt that their daughter’s personality was being inaccurately portrayed.

The victim’s relatives, including the parents, had requested a total of 800,000 euros in damages from Jonathann Daval, justified by “the media coverage (and) the accumulation of tragedies experienced by civilians and their fusional ties with Alexia.” The court had ordered him to pay 160,000 euros, including 135,000 euros for the parents. Amount considered insufficient by the latter and which he appealed against.

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