Dark skinned Karan used to tease Esha Gupta as ‘black mother’, had to face many comments

Actress Esha Gupta has told some very shocking things in a recent interview. According to the actress, when she was a child she was mocked as ‘Kali Maa’ because her complexion was dark. The extreme was reached when even in the film industry, actress Esha Gupta had to face comments from people because of her dark complexion.

Not only this, Isha also says that many of her distant relatives used to express to her mother that they regretted that a girl (Esha Gupta) had been born in the house, and if the actress is to be believed, this relative was her. to regret in front of her mother that the girl was dark. Esha Gupta has said in this interview that she had a similar experience in the film industry, where she was advised to have a skin lightening treatment.

As a child, dark skinned Karan used to tease Esha Gupta as 'black mother', she had to face a lot of comments.

Isha says she was also told that many actresses in the industry have had skin lightening treatment to hide their dark complexions. According to Isha, not only because of her dark complexion but also because of her nose, the actress was recommended to undergo surgery. Isha says that she did not let people’s words spoil her confidence and did not accept any such advice. We tell you that Isha has appeared in movies like Jannat 2, Raaz 3, Rustom and Commando 2.


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