Darío Brizuela continues the Spanishization of FC Barcelona basketball: great team

The champion prepares the squad with which he will defend his title in this new season, having the guard from San Sebastian as his next signing, and empowering the quintet under the orders of Roger Grimau.

If the market is quite agitated in terms of football, in basketball it does not stop, especially when FC Barcelona wants to go for Darío Brizuela. The man from San Sebastian is listed as one of the best shooting guards in the ACB League (Endesa League for sponsorship reasons) and the current champion He wants it yes or yes in his squad that will now be under the command of Roger Grimau.

The Catalan coach is quite enthusiastic about starting the new season on the bench, once again linked to FC Barcelona. His first indications have already been transmitted to the offices of Joan Laporta, where he has asked for a shooting guard, a forward and a point guard. All in favor of defending the title, making a new feat in international basketball.

brizuela barcelona
Darío Brizuela was among the best shooting guards in the 2022-23 ACB League.

FC Barcelona goes with everything for Darío Brizuela

The signing of the Basque basketball player is so important that the sports management of this section has decided to pay for his clause. A couple of months ago the player renewed with Unicaja Málaga, for which, when they found out that the Catalan quintet wanted their escort, they remitted to pay the termination fee.

The clause is set at approximately 1.2 million euros, and the payment has already been authorized from Barca’s administrative offices. So Mario Bruno Fernández (sports director of the basketball section) has begun to pull the strings to make the first approaches both to the environment of San Sebastian, and to the team from Malaga.

In addition to Darío Brizuela, FC Barcelona goes for the Hernangómez brothers

The open transfer war between the two biggest teams in the ACB League (Barcelona and Real Madrid) continues to be more tense than ever. At this moment the two quintets are fighting over the joint signing of the brothers Willy and Juancho Hernangómez. Both are in free agency after ending their NBA contracts with the New Orleans Pelicans and Toronto Raptors respectively.

The talented brothers have a past in the merengue club, which is why the white quintet had priority in their signings. But the management that Mario Bruno Fernández is doing has been so impeccable that the representatives of the Hernangómez family. They are more interested in listening to the offer from FC Barcelona. In either case, the Madrid basketball couple will return to the ACB League.

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