Darder and Cabrera are no longer ‘free’ this Monday

start the second week of work of the Spanish 2023-24 by the hand of Luis Garciaalso the second complete for Fran Garagarza as sports director, after the club has closed as many departures for players with a current contract: that of Joselu killed Real Madrid (on paper, an assignment with a purchase option) and that of Tonny Vilhena, transferred to Panathinaikos. But this July 10th It is not another day in the calendar of the perica entity. Rather it is about the first of the big deadlines‘deadline’ as they like to say now, of the transfer market.

A term ends this Monday at midnight that had prevailed in some of the most significant contracts for Espanyol players. he had it Joselu when he signed on a free transfer from Alavés, although Madrid did not resort to it, and They still have it in writing as much Leandro Cabrerafrom when he renewed a year ago, and the jewel in the crown, Sergi Darderwho also signed by extending his contract last August until 2026. It consists of the clause that, during the first ten days of the marketwhich opened on July 1, Any club can get the loan of one of these footballers if they pay him the full token that he received in the First Divisionand that also by contract has been reduced by half with the descent to the Second Division.

A situation in which, even in the worst case, Espanyol has the right of first refusal in the purest basketball style: you can retain the player in question if he decides to match the chipthat is, pay him as if he were still in the highest category.

Waiting for some club like him Al-Jazeera from Abu Dhabi (who has been linked in the last hours) surprise Cabrera, who has had applicants from Greece, Türkiye and Getafe himselfwhere he served until January 2020 when landed in it Spanishit seems discarded except debacle is that this is used method with Darder, who if he leaves will do so hand in hand with the parakeet club, that is, with an operation that is beneficial to all parties. In other words, that adapts to your termination clause, of ten million until the next day 31 (other deadline) and from 15, from August 1.

Cabrera, with Puado, in an exercise last week.
Cabrera, with Puado, in an exercise last week.ETS

A staff member with whom there is no such peculiarity in the contract, that is, he cannot leave this Monday for the amount of his First Division card, it is Cesar Montes. However, in the case of the Mexican Espanyol would require at least, together with the payment of his token, that the proportional part of what his purchase cost be paid. Since eight million were paid to Monterrey and signed until 2028, that amount would be around million and a half of euros. Clearly, unaffordable for any club, which in this scenario would always prefer to own it.

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