Dante Gebel arrives for the first time with his “President” at the National Theater

The speaker, influencer, actor and television host Dante Gebel will present his new tour, “President” in the Dominican Republic this June 13 at the National Theater, at 8:30 pm.

Produced by the artistic entrepreneur César Suárez Jr., the conference by the renowned spokesman for empathy and inspiration promises a night to laugh, be moved, cry and be surprised. This tour also takes you through countries such as Colombia, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, among others.

In this show, which carries the slogan “Not another classic political campaign”, Gebel opens his heart and addresses issues around life, death, nostalgia and everyday stories that lead to deep reflections of the soul, allowing himself the license of being “president for a day”.

It should be noted that Gebel is a benchmark in the Hispanic world as one of the most extraordinary speakers, capable of leading the public through fascinating stories, ranging from laughter to tears.

The also writer of Argentine origin has a community on his social networks of approximately 8.7 million followers

He is the author of several books written in Spanish, such as “Pasión de multitudes”, “Las arenas del alma”, “El código del campeón”, “Marea Baja” (Spanish and English), “Destino al éxito” and “El amor in the days of Facebook”.

Tickets are on sale at Uepa Tickets, CCN Services at National Supermarkets and JUMBO. For more information 809-227-1344.

Biography Dante Gebel

He is a conductor, actor, producer and influencer; he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Gebel is recognized in the Hispanic world as one of the most extraordinary speakers and motivators focused on youth and the family, capable of leading the public through the most fascinating stories that range from laughter to tears. He owns RIVER ARENA, an indoor arena in the city of Anaheim, California, where he has his own television studios. Thousands of young people are inspired by his television programs, his international tours have sold out the locations of the most important venues in the world, he is also the writer of several books that have positioned themselves at the top of sales throughout the world. world. Dante Gebel has close to 4 million followers on Facebook, 1.5 million on Instagram, and almost 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Television and radio:

2007. He recorded his television program “DNT” in the TELEFE -de Martínez(1) studios, in the Late Night Show format, which aired for a year on the Magazine channel, a Grupo Artear channel.

2008. He broadcast his television show “DNT” recorded in the Telefe studios, to Mega Tv in Miami, going on the air. Saturdays and Sundays.

2015 He premiered the television show “Dante Night Show” at América Tevé, in Miami, Florida.

2016/2017. He is signed to the MEGATV network and airs the “Dante Night Show” throughout the United States, from coast to coast.

2018. He signed with the TV Azteca network – one of the most important Mexican television networks in the country – to broadcast his program “Dante Night Show” throughout Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

2020. It began to air in Argentina with the program “La Divina Noche”, from Monday to Friday on Vórterix, in partnership with Mario Pergolini.

2020. He began his program on CCN RADIO, from the Hollywood studios, with great guests such as Ricardo Montaner, José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez, Fito Páez, Fonseca, Camilo, Carlos Rivera, Diego Torres, among others.

2022/2023. He performs his program “La Divina Noche de Dante” on CANAL 9 of Argentina, in co-production with Univisión and broadcast on Vix Latino

Superclassics of youth:

Vélez Stadium (1996/2004), Obelisk (1998), Boca (2000), Único (2011) River (1997/2005/2013), Luna Park (2003/ 2018), Honda Center in Anaheim CA (2015), Cuscatlán Stadium in El Salvador (2019).

Shows in the rest of the world:

He partnered with Disney and did three shows on the same day at Disneyland, the world’s largest theme park. – He brought the same show to the Hard Rock Theater in Las Vegas. – Made two sold-out performances at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. – He presented his show at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood (the home theater of the Academy Awards.

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