Danone and Splio collaborate to improve customer relations in the consumer goods sector

SplioCRM specialist and publisher of the Intelligent CRM SaaS platform, and Danonea leading company in healthy eating, announce their collaboration to carry out a more direct and close communication with the consumer of FMCG/Food.

Bet on Mobile Wallet technology

In the current context, where consumers increasingly demand more personalized experiences and recognition from brands, the FMCG sector faces the great challenge of knowing and connecting better with its consumer. In order to make the leap and be closer to your customers, Danone has decided to bet on the Mobile Wallet technology, to take its campaigns and communication directly to the mobile of each client with personalized content.

For Splio Spain, Danone becomes the first customer of FMCG/Food in bet on this technology to have a more direct and close communication channel with their consumers. With the use of Mobile Wallet technology, the mobile becomes a place privileged communication and engagement between customers and the brand thanks to notifications push wallet.

“We are very happy to be able to accompany a great brand like Danone in its evolution towards a closer relationship with its consumers. Currently, getting to know customers better and personalizing marketing communication on a large scale is essential for any company and at Splio we work daily to meet the double challenge of current CRM: personalize the customer experience for each individual and offer managers marketing a simple solution for orchestrating and managing campaigns at scale.”, has said Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio.

«Innovating is not only offering the best products but also looking for new ways to reach our consumers. We have been accompanying families in their homes for more than three generations, putting the consumer at the center and with a very clear mission: to provide health. However, these families, understood from the broadest and most diverse perspective, have changed and we have evolved with them. At a time like the present, we want to continue accompanying them and, in this sense, tools such as Splio Mobile Wallet make it very easy for us since we can send them directly to their mobile devices when offers in their usual supermarkets, without having to download or print any type of coupon or have to change their buying habits”, has said Albert Batlle, Integrated Comms & Media Director – Marketing Iberia de Danone.

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