Daniel Sarcos: “I’m breaking a record, I’ve never spent twelve years with a person in my life”

Although he has always joked about the three marriages and the three divorces he has had, Daniel Sarcos spoke seriously for Listín Diario about the legitimate and legal union that he interrupted on all those occasions for not being a conciliatory entity.

“Recently I have discovered that I was never very conciliatory, that my solution to everything was always the door to leave,” he explained during the interview.

For Daniel, maintaining the relationship through conversation was not an option, but everything has changed with his current partner, Alessandra Villegas, with whom he began an affair in 2011 and has fathered one of his children, Miguel Alejandro (El Churry). , 4 years old.

“I’m breaking records, I had never spent twelve years with a person in my life”, he admitted.

Contrary to the expectations of third parties, Alessandra has represented a mentor for Daniel, despite the almost 20-year difference, since she is 36 years old and he will turn 56 in September, in addition to the fact that they plan to get married.

“I have found a partner, I have found someone who has taught me the concept of reconciliation within a family,” he said.

Daniel also mentions the maturity he has acquired in recent years as one of the reasons for the durability of his relationship with Alessandra and as part of that evolution and full development, he decided to reduce the amount of international travel from the United States to the Dominican Republic and other parts of the world, staying longer with his family.

In marriage, Daniel’s north was the biblical phrase: “So they are no longer two, but one flesh; therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Matthew 19:6). Just like his parents, Daniel Enrique Sarcos Yguaran and Aída Cabrera de Sarcos, who were together for more than five decades until his father died in September 2020.

Another of the mistakes that the veteran Venezuelan driver mentions is that “we take it for granted that we are going to be there for life and that nobody has to maintain that.”

Daniel Sarcos will be co-host of

Daniel Sarcos will co-host “Married in Chaos,” which will air on Color Vision.Jochy Campusano

“married in chaos”

After learning all this about marriage alliances, by chance, the also actor and singer was contacted by Karen Yapoort and Caribbean Media World to co-host “Married in Chaos”, where they will present situations of marriages and families in crisis accompanied by professionals from different areas such as economists, family therapists and lawyers.

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“I think that I will learn a lot there and I will learn not only about couples, I will not only learn from specialists who will try to help and find a solution to couples’ problems, but I will also learn from those couples who will assume or not the advice they are given,” he explained. The television space will be broadcast every Sunday from September 3 on Color Visión, channel 9.

The overall production of longtime director and producer Alberto Zayas. The first edition is 8 episodes and will be the platform where 16 families can be helped. In this sense, the WhatsApp number 829-569-1111 was enabled through which families who want to present their cases can register and be evaluated to participate.

brother’s death

“I took it with a lot of pain, but with a lot of resignation,” he told about the death of his brother and his father, in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Regarding his father, he said that it had been “very selfish” to want the prolongation of his death knowing that “he was having a bad time”. Even, “I told my mom that the person who had stopped being there was no longer my dad, that perhaps we had lost him a few years before.” In the case of his brother, Wolfgan Sarcos, it was a surprise “because life is not planned that way”, starting from the fact that he was a young person.

“It was a bit traumatic for me. Those kinds of things have made me mature, those kinds of things are what have made me think about the number of trips, the number of Father’s Days that I haven’t been, the number of birthdays I’ve spent working, the number of Christmases that I did not arrive, in the number of wakes and important moments of my family that I was not with them, “he said.

“Spanish is spoken here”

Regarding the previous Dominican project in which he participated for almost 14 years, “Aquí se habla español”, Daniel clarified that he continues as a shareholder together with Carlos Salcedo Gavilán and that he only decided to make changes in his life, as he always does to “not become the painting of a house”.

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