Daniel Ladero will play in the PFL Europe playoffs

The first international league of the Professional Fighters League (PFL)the PFL Europekicks off today and will have Spanish representation. Daniel Ladero (3-1) will face Frenchman Anthony Salamone (7-1) for a September playoff berth in the first event of the season, which will be held at the Vertu Motors Arena in Newcastle. “It is a unique opportunity, since they are taking exclusive fighters from each country to face each other, and they have selected me in Spain. It is an opportunity that must be taken advantage of”, the Gran Canaria commented to AS. Abdellah Er-Ramy, a Moroccan raised in Malaga, will also participate. It can be followed through DAZN.

PFL Europe will bring together 32 of the best MMA fighters from across Europe across four weight divisions. “For me, it is a unique opportunity, and I plan to take advantage of it,” says Ladero. He is preparing with a very complete training in Gran Canaria, where he lives. “I am preparing myself with various training equipment. Some prepare me for the boxing part, others for wrestling, others for MMA… I have different people that I train with”, explains the Spaniard, who is already looking forward to the time to get into the octagon.

Daniel Ladero leads in contact sports “almost my whole life”. He started judo at the age of five, and also tried taekwondo. “I did five amateur MMA fights in 2012, what I have always been a practitioner of brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling. I have always competed and I have been more active there”, comments the Gran Canarian. He debuted as a professional in MMA, and made three fights in a row. In all he emerged victorious. Then he broke his hand and did not compete for two years, but today he is fully recovered. “I actually always wanted to start with MMA. What, at that time, in Spain there was not such an audience and they told me that I had to do jiu-jitsu to fight in MMA. When I already forged my career, I got into this because it was what I had really started for.”, expresses the Spanish.

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In addition, he has a gym in Gran Canarias, where he is a trainer. “I practically dedicate myself to training. I’m not working on anything else. You also have to spend hours on it”, declares Ladero. He is totally focused on contact sports, and has made his passion his profession. “In the beginning, you always have big aspirations. Over time, one is surprised at how far it goes”, he assures.

Now he finds himself before a great opportunity, the biggest challenge so far in his career. “I have been preparing very well for the last few months. and some of the best fighters in Europe will be present. PFL Europe is a big step for MMA”, he assures. The Spaniard will fight to gain a foothold and be able to continue growing as a fighter.

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