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Dani Vivian selection

The Athletic defender with no tattoos who breaks down De La Fuente’s door

Dani Vivian was one of the heroes of the Athletic Club in San Mamés last day. In yesterday’s game against Girona CF, the final part of the game was the highlight for the Lions. The red-whites ended the game 3-1 in the 60th minute. However, the outcome was agonizing, the victory, as the Catalan team was almost tied and was looking for the equalizer until the last minute.

Athletic missed opportunities, lost relevance and Girona began to take over the game. The Catalans scored the second goal from a set piece and the game was completely different for Athletic Club. The fans saw Girona attack Athletic Club. This is where the character of Dani Vivian appearedwho is violently knocking on the door of the national team.

Vivian selection
The Athletic centre-back deserves to be included in De La Fuente’s list

Vivian deserves to be part of the national team

Athletic Club is having a dream season. Many people find success on the bench and in attack. Both Valverde and the Williams brothers are architects of the dynamic in which the team finds itself. But we must also recognize the performance of the defense. Stability in the rearguard is crucial. The key character is Vivian. De la Fuente visited San Mamés several times and regularly recruits players from the Basque team.

The other central position varies between Aitor Paredes and Yeray. Both show good performances and help Dani have the necessary assertiveness in defense. The full-backs also suffer from rotation. Even unexpected contributions appear, such as that of Iñigo Lekue.

Salvador in the 94th minute

As mentioned, the game was played to the end. The opponent was the current co-leader of the competition and the revelation team. Only a few teams have scored 3 goals against the Catalan team. And Girona CF were unable to equalize due to a superhero move from Dani Vivian under the goal line in the 94th minute.

With the Catalans’ constant attacks oppressing us, we had to take a step forward. Which was the case with Dani Vivian. So much insistence almost resulted in a prize for Michel’s team.. Savinho burst into the penalty area in the 94th minute and finished low with a ball that Simón easily parried away. Of course, the rebound required the cooperation of his teammate under the goal, who saved the final shot of the game to keep the team in the Champions League.

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