Dani Sordo: “The next one will be my last season”

There is no place like home. Dani sordo He returns to Rally de España after his recent renewal with Hyundai in high spirits and eager for victory.

– Happy with the renewal with the team that says they are like your family?

“It was what I wanted, and I think they are happy too.” I like that they count on me and think that I can spend another year helping the team. I still keep the illusion intact, I keep leaving my skin, and it is something that I see when I do a test or arrive at a rally like the one in Catalonia. Without illusion this does not work. I don’t want to do the whole championship, but I do want to do some races and collaborate with the team.

“Besides, he’s going to do other work within the team.”

“Yes, they want me to collaborate on other things, and I’m delighted.” I’m going to try to help Oliver Solberg as much as I can, although of course he has his father, who is much older than Dani Sordo. But he also wants me to help him, like the team, and I’m excited. It is a family that is very fond of me. I want to help young people, as I would like to help a young Spanish man if he comes to Hyundai.

—And to celebrate the renewal, the home rally arrives.

– I really wanted to return to the Rally of Catalonia, although I will miss the public in attendance because they will not be able to enter because of the Covid. At home it’s nice to go out and see all the people, and it’s going to be hard not being able to enjoy it. But we will see them in the stages luckily.

“With what expectations do you face it?”

—We have to wait and see how everything goes, because we reached the asphalt with new tires, with which I have only raced in Monte Carlo, which is different, and we will have to see what they hold up and how they behave. We are excited because the car has evolved and we have already seen in Finland that it is going well, and in Ypres they were also ahead on asphalt. We are going to fight for the victory, although it will not be easy because Ogier, Evans, Neuville, Tanak, Fourmaux… they are all very fast on asphalt. We are going to have to go out thoroughly from the beginning. I am going to give everything to win my first Catalonia.

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“What do you think of the surprise of Nil Solans, who will race with the same car?”

“I’m very excited that I can race the Hyundai.” I get along very well with him, and he also goes with Marc Martí who has raced with me for many years. They deserve to be there because they are very hardworking, and I think Nil is a very talented kid who can make good times.

– Is there a relief in Spain for Dani Sordo?

“Hopefully there will be a replacement.” There are many young riders who are very good, but it is difficult to make the leap.

—Going back to next year, are you excited to drive the new hybrid cars?

“Yes, but the current cars are amazing.” The new ones will be as well, but it will be difficult to beat those of now, who have been the ‘group B’ of the time. It is a shame to say goodbye to them because they have marked an era. They are the fastest cars and with the best cornering that I have driven, but I liked the feeling of cars like the Xsara, which moved more, with a more natural handling. With the current ones, your head goes off in the curves.

“It will be his 17th season in the elite.” How long will the batteries last?

“Next will be my last season.”

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