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Dance with the Stars: who is Michou?

Those who think they see the hologram of the gay icon and famous cabaret manager, who died at 88 in 2020, wiggle their hips on the floor of Dance with the Stars this Friday are not disappointed, the candidate Michou is in fact ” the favorite video youtuber of young people ”, as TF1 presents it.

And they already know him very well, he who started posting videos on Youtube from 13 years old. At 19 today, this youngest of a family of 10 children born in Amiens in the Somme, is even truly a star in his category. With 6.45 million subscribers on Youtube, Miguel Mattioli, his real name, even appears in the top 10 of French youtubers.

And the young man is doing the same thing on TikTok (5.2 million subscribers) and Instagram (3 million subscribers). Michou’s passion is video games. But Picard has also embarked on music. “In the Club” recorded a million views in three hours and has accumulated since 37 million. Which is nothing compared to the new title, Fier, and its 44 million views.

Regarding the choice of his nickname, Michou explains for Télé-Loisirs that the choice has nothing to do with the Michou of the cabaret: “I am often talked to and I understand, it doesn’t bother me. We have two completely different worlds. It’s super-simple, when I created my Youtube channel, I needed a nickname. In college my nickname was Michou since my first name is Miguel. Well, I don’t know how we went from Miguel to Michou, no idea, but it sounded good (laughs) ”, confided the candidate of Dance with the Stars.

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