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Dance with the stars: Christophe Licata trusts his wife’s arrival at the show

As a couple in town, professional dancers Christophe and Coralie Licata will be the opponents in the next edition of Dance with the Stars that will air this fall on TF1.

Well known to fans of the competition hosted by Camille Combal, Christophe Licata will see his wife arrive on the show this year. However, the face of the young woman will not be completely unknown to the faithful of the show, since she has already participated in several collective choreographies in previous editions. But this time, it is a duet with one of the personalities that will be officially in competition. Coralie Licata has been hired to replace Denitsa Ikonomova, who will take on her new jury duty.

In a recent post on Instagram, Christophe Licata confides in his wife and mother of his little boy Livio: “She is an exceptional dancer, a formidable competitor … But she is my wife.” What to spice up the competition a bit.

For now, we do not know who the two dancers will be in pairs. Dance with the Stars will see actors Jean-Baptiste Maunier (Les Choristes), Gérémy Crédeville, Lucie Lucas (Clem) and Aurélie Pons (It all starts here), singers Lââm, Wejdene, Tayc and Bilal Hassani compete on the track. , comedian Lola Dubini, YouTuber Michou, American burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, and former Koh-Lanta adventurer Moussa.

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