Dallas Review: DeepLink, Streamer’s New Project, Raises Concerns of Potential Scam

Blockchain Project DeepLink Raises Red Flags Among Experts and Investors

Dalas, a popular streamer, has been involved in multiple blockchain-related projects in recent weeks, sparking concerns among experts and investors. Following the collapse of his first cryptocurrency, PAMBI, Dalas launched PAMBII, a second coin aimed at redeeming his image. However, his latest venture, DeepLink, has raised further doubts about his intentions.

DeepLink, a blockchain technology company, uses NFTs to offer subscriptions and enable users to play games on low-powered computers. Dalas presented the project on June 27, touting it as a superior product in terms of Cloud Gaming. He also claimed that fans who invest in the project will be entered into a drawing for between $1,000 and $10,000 and that it will be backed by Nvidia.

However, rumors are emerging that DeepLink may not be a legitimate project. Despite appearing on the Nvidia Inception Program, the company does not appear on the official list of products associated with Nvidia. Crypto Rug Muncher, an X user specializing in Blockchain and cryptos, has warned users to approach the project with caution, advising them to wait until it is launched and proven to work before investing.

Dalas’ previous cryptocurrency, PAMBI, suffered a significant drop in value, leaving many followers without investment. The coin’s value plummeted after several users sold their tokens, including Dalas himself, who denied selling initially but later confirmed it. The sale earned him close to $250,000.

The launch of PAMBII, a second cryptocurrency, has been met with criticism from experts, who point out that its format is often used for volatile currencies and those used to carry out scams. Dalas has confirmed that he is behind the project, leaving many to wonder if it will be a second scam or a legitimate investment opportunity.

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The concerns surrounding Dalas’ blockchain projects have raised questions about the legitimacy of his ventures and the potential risks involved for investors. As the blockchain and cryptocurrency space continues to evolve, it is essential for investors to approach new projects with caution and thoroughly research the companies and individuals behind them.

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