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Dallas Mavericks first offer to sign Ayton

Deandre Ayton is one of the centers that could be transferred this summer and the Dallas Mavericks is the main favorite to get their services in the market

Despite the fact that the Kyrie Irving soap opera is still very hot, it is not known what will happen to the point guard in free agency, dallas mavericks don’t forget deandre ayton. The idea of ​​the franchise is very clear: they want to build a winning team around Luka Doncic. For this they are willing to make great sacrifices, because they know that it is the last chance they have to please the Slovenian.

They also know they need to prioritize defense above all else this summer. And it is that it is a team that, despite having two of the greatest talents in the entire NBA at an offensive level, in the other part of the field they are notably weak. That is why Dallas Mavericks want Ayton to be their interior reference to master painting.

Ayton, the center the Dallas Mavericks want
Deandre Ayton could leave Phoenix Suns

Ayton, the great goal of Dallas Mavericks

As we know, Deandre Ayton would welcome leaving Phoenix Suns. The franchise that selected him first in the Luka Doncic Draft signed him a maximum contract of which they were not sure. In fact, they did not sign it until they found out that the Indiana Pacers had made such an offer, which they had to match so as not to lose it for nothing.

Since then, the relationship between both parties has not stopped deteriorating, as has the performance of the Bahamian center. At the moment Deandre Ayton is at the lowest point of his career and Dallas Mavericks wants to take advantage to try to undertake his transfer. And he already has a great offer prepared for it.

This is the offer of the Mavs to get a top-level center

Despite Dallas Mavericks do not have great players that could interest the Phoenix SunsYes, they can offer two players who can be very useful for those from Arizona. These two players would be Tim Hardaway Jr and Reggie Bullock, who would offer great roster depth to a team that has been sorely missed in the playoffs.

In addition, Dallas Mavericks would also offer the pick 10 of the Draft for Deandre Ayton. Of course, the Bahamian is not the only option. And it is that they do not lose sight of a player like Clint Capela, who despite not being the one from before, could offer a rebound and some defense. Likewise, it would be a transfer in which they would not have to give such important players, since their value is lower.

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