Dalit woman tied to a pole brutally tortured, painful video

Bengaluru: In India, the lower caste Hindus are treated very humiliatingly, which is an example of the news seen in the media every day.

In this regard, a video is circulating on social media in which the incident of inhuman cruelty on a Dalit woman has been recorded.

In the video, it can be seen that an upper caste Hindu is torturing a Dalit woman because her cow wandered into the field. Raining shoes painfully.

The video of the beating of the woman has been shared on social media, after which a case has been registered against upper caste person Amrish Kimber.

In the video, it can be seen that the woman, Shobhama Harijan, pleads with the accused to stop beating her with the slipper, but he continues the violence.

The report filed at the police station said that when the woman’s cow entered the field, she immediately took it out and started to take it home, but the accused stopped her and tied her to a pole.

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