Dakota Johnson will never make films like Madame Web again

The general fiasco of feature films continues. Sony continues to sacrifice on the altar of emptiness and mediocrity Spider-Verse. After brutally overcoming the symbiotes Poison And Bloodbath for family-friendly red and black pies and introduces the nicest vampire in the universe (Morbius), it’s your turn Madam Web. This superhero movie about Spider-Man without Spider-Man and… without superheroes, appeared on our screens on Valentine’s Day. Hercules crash 80 million dollarsthe film by SJ Clarkson has hardly reported so far 100 around the world. As for the critics, it’s a soup full of grimaces 12% good reviews on review aggregator Rotten tomatoes. As far as we are concerned, here is an excerpt of our opinion:

The film comes dangerously close to a cultural attack on the minds of the entire world. “ Madam Web » stands like a monolith of missed opportunities and testifies to a scenario that seems to have been put together without passion or vision.

Dakota Johnson, the project’s lead actress, quickly dismissed the feature film’s invalidity. Here’s what she told the media hustle and bustle :

“I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ll probably never do anything like that again in the future because I’m a blot on this universe. Now I’m aware of it. But in this industry, sometimes you sign up to do something thinking it’s going to be this or that, and then you do it and it becomes something completely different and you think, “Wait what?’. But it really was a life experience, and while it’s not very nice to be associated with something that goes up in flames, I can’t say I don’t understand those reactions.”

A failure that many associate with weariness with the world of superhero films. A sad observation that the actor Paul Dano (Riddler in The Batman) tried to justify as best he could and argued for the implementation of more artistic and less mainstream projects. Dakota Johnson added a layer to the writing quality of the feature and hinted a little that it was the big, indigestible blockbuster Madam Web was partly written with script injections from a sick AI:

“Making a film is super hard, and with these big productions that manage to get out – and with the smaller ones it’s starting to happen, which really scares me – the decisions are made by committee, while the art is hard to come by committee happened. The films are made by a filmmaker and a team of artists around this character. You cannot make art against the background of numbers and algorithms. I’ve long believed that audiences are very intelligent, while studio executives disagree. The public will always be able to sense the nonsense we want them to swallow.”

Next talk to swallow: Kraven the Hunter from JC ChandorTHE August 28, 2024 In the cinema.

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