Daily carpooling has accelerated since the announcement of the 100 euro bonus

Daily carpooling has accelerated with the bonus of 100 euros announced at the end of 2022. This is shown by the figures published Thursday, July 13 by the government. As of July 1, 130,000 new drivers had made journeys recorded on carpooling platforms. The number of journeys thus doubled over the first six months of the year, compared to the beginning of 2022: more than 5 million journeys were recorded by the platforms, for an estimated saving of 7.7 million liters of oil. This news was welcomed by the Minister for Energy Transition, as transport represents the leading sector emitting greenhouse gases, responsible for climate change, in France. “It’s very good, but we consumed 20 billion liters over the semester”said Agnès Pannier-Runacher, during a follow-up meeting of the device. “We can do better!”

A practice far from being generalized

The popular journeys take place in Ile-de-France and around Rouen in particular, but also between Annecy and Switzerland, or between Nice and Monaco, according to the Carpooling Observatory. If this form of organized hitchhiking now represents 3% of long-distance journeys, its daily practice remains a drop in the bucket in transport (0.01% according to Blablacar). Indeed, the platforms record less than 40,000 journeys per day on average (declared, because many journeys are also informal), for 100 million journeys made by car every day in France, to go to or return from work, take children to school or running errands.

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