Dada Raj Kapoor had put such a condition in front of Karisma Kapoor to become an actress.

Raj Kapoor had put such a condition in front of Karisma Kapoor: Karisma Kapoor, the famous actress of the 90’s, ruled the hearts of people for many years. Karisma Kapoor made her Bollywood debut at the age of 17 in 1991 with the movie ‘Prem Qaidi’, after which she worked in many great movies. However, her decision to work in movies was not so easy. According to media reports, Karisma Kapoor’s grandfather and famous Hindi actor and film director Raj Kapoor had put a condition on her to become an actress. Karisma Kapoor herself revealed it during an interview.

Karisma Kapoor had said in the interview, “My whole family is full of actors. My father and his brothers also married heroines. If he can marry actresses, why can’t he work? Karisma further said, “People had the misconception that the Kapoor family’s daughter-in-law doesn’t make movies.”

Apart from this, Karisma Kapoor further said: ‘He (Raj Kapoor) knew that I would become an actress. I used to say, Lolo baby, I know you’re going to become an actress. But I will only say one thing: if you want to become an actress, just be the best. Otherwise, don’t be. At the same time, the actress herself further said, ‘My father also used to encourage me a lot. He used to often say never to drop the Kapoor family name.

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