Cyclone devastation in Malawi and Mozambique, 200 people died

Cyclone Freddy has wreaked havoc in the African countries of Malawi and Mozambique, the number of deaths in various accidents has increased to over 200.

According to foreign media, several people have been injured in the accidents. In Malawi, 10 districts have been declared disaster by the authorities, which were the most affected by the storm.

The cyclone hit the coastal areas of Mozambique first and then Malawi on Saturday.

It is reported that roofs of houses were blown off and trees were uprooted in the areas affected by the stormy winds, while torrential rains caused flooding.

According to the government’s disaster relief agency, more than 20,000 people have been displaced so far. The government appealed to the public to help those people who are forced to live under the open sky without food or shelter.

Cyclone Freddie also hit Mozambique, Malawi and Madagascar last month.

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