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Cyberpunk 2077: patch 1.31 improves performance on Playstation

Cyberpunk 2077 welcomes update 1.31. Much less ambitious than Update 1.3 released a few weeks ago, this patch simply improves the overall performance of the title on PS4 and PS4 and fixes various bugs for a better experience. Particular attention has been paid to wet surfaces, which now benefit from a more realistic rendering.

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Credit: CD Projekt

As you may know, CD Projekt continues somehow to offer regular updates to improve the experience on all media hosting Cyberpunk 2077. The title is still far from exemplary, but little by little small, the Polish studio is fixing things, even calling the state of Cyberpunk 2077 satisfactory at the moment.

A few weeks ago, the game received a massive patch: Update 1.3. Among the many novelties, we note an overhaul of the competence system, or improvements on the side of the mini-map. Enough to facilitate navigation within Night City. Naturally, the developers have just announced the arrival of a new patch 1.31 on September 14, 2021.

Unsurprisingly, chis update remains less ambitious than the previous one, but it’s always good to take you might say. On the program, several fixes for gameplay, some quests, visual improvements, and better overall performance on consoles PS4 and PS5. Here are the main changes made by this patch.


  • Fixed a bug where the base version of an item with a quest indicator was not removed from inventory after upgrading the item
  • Fixed a bug where weapon reload speed perks slowed reloading
  • Fixed height of loaded jump
  • Adjusted the speed of enemy detection in stealth mode depending on the difficulty of the game
  • V will no longer get stuck on the fall animation after a motorcycle crash with the “Like a Rock” perk active


  • Fixed a bug where roads after rain did not look wet, caused by work in progress on the wet surface system. In version 1.31, wet surfaces should be more detailed than even before the bug appeared
  • Removed hair and / or eyebrows if they had been disabled in previous versions of the game
  • Fixed a bug where firing a tech weapon would cause a momentary glare
  • With a Little Help from My Friends: fixed a bug where Carol did not have her tablet or was sitting on air during a scene


  • Added missing descriptions in overheating and shorting quick hacks tooltips
  • Added missing descriptions of Backpacker, Resist !, Osmose and Footloose clothing modules

Console specific changes

  • [PlayStation] Video memory optimization

As you will have noticed, no improvements to report on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Hopefully a future patch will provide a better experience for players on Microsoft consoles.

Source: CD Projekt

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