Cyberpunk 2077: Kaspersky warns against online scams

The wait for Cyberpunk 2077 is now over: there are about 48 hours left until the actual availability of the new blockbuster by CD Projekt RED. But it is precisely when you are one step away from the finish line that you risk the most: thinking that “it is done now” you let your guard down. And the scammers are very ready to take the opportunity.

Kaspersky security researchers warn of sites and advertisements that promise a free copy of the game, perhaps in the face of simply participating in a survey: in recent days they are depopulating, and of course they are beautiful and good lies. The company tried to follow one of these “offers”: it managed to download an alleged installer, but even after repeated polls it was never able to go beyond the splash screen, between fake crashes and error messages.

During the compilation of the survey, relevant personal data are requested, such as telephone number or email address, and this is in all probability the intent of the scammers. So in short: there is little, we might as well wait a few more hours. Perhaps for many it will be an unnecessary warning, but the hope is that by continuing to disseminate this type of information, the number of victims will drop to zero, sooner or later.

Meanwhile, the first reviews of the game have appeared on the Net, even if it was not possible to use material shot personally in the video clips (it will be possible from 10 December, when the game will be available to everyone). Mostly the response is very positive, and there are no words like “milestone” and “masterpiece” in the description of the title.

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Most of the reviews are about the PC world, and yes, they all mentioned that there are several bugs. It is important to point out (as the reviews do, for that matter) that everyone has worked on an unfinished copy of the game; there will be a day-one patch that will hopefully be able to polish at least the most serious ones. While waiting for the release, we remember our specials on the history of the studio that created the game and the culture in which it is immersed; here you will find the official gameplay videos on various platforms.

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