The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) is in the process of inter-institutional and internal coordination, with the other organisms that intervene in the regulation of the products contained in the list of Law 6-22 that establishes a zero rate for 67 goods of the family basket.

In the coordination process, informed the entity, the products that will be included in quotas or volumes to be imported will be determined, especially, the agricultural products of the technical rectification, within the scope of the commission that regulates the imports of agricultural products, and that heads the Ministry of Agriculture.

Indicates that the interested parties or their representatives, once they have the corresponding authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture, of the product to be imported, will request the application of zero rate to the DGA, as is done with the technical rectification products negotiated by the country. as part of the Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) of 1994.

The list of 67 classified food products includes beef in carcasses or half carcasses, fresh or chilled, in cuts or chunks, boneless or boneless and frozen.

Also, pork; in carcasses or half carcasses, fresh or chilled, legs, shoulders and their pieces without bone and other frozen parts.

The law was recently approved by the Senate, detailing that the 67 products are chicken meat without cutting it up, fresh, chilled or frozen, short and long thighs (legs) of chicken, even joints, fresh or chilled; minced or ground chicken meat, breast, thigh, wings and other frozen pieces.

Likewise, powdered milk, granules or other solid forms, without added sugar or sweetener, will have a 0% import tariff rate. References are established to net contents less than or equal to 2.5 kilograms or fats less than or greater than 1.5 percent by weight.

In addition, garlic, peas, black, red, white beans, points, twists and jacomelos, lentils, broad beans, pigeon peas, and peas, shelled or not canned, as well as sweet corn, butter, margarine, except liquid margarine.

Likewise, wheat and corn flour, soybean, peanut, sunflower and refined corn oils. Uncooked, stuffed or otherwise prepared pasta that does not contain eggs, cooked or otherwise prepared pasta, sobao bread, water bread, wholemeal, baguette and mold type, even frozen and other breads.


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