Customs launches mobile application that digitizes a large part of its services

The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) launched its new mobile application, DGA RD, where users have access to a wide portfolio of services. The application comes to streamline the application processes, allowing monitoring the traceability of these. In addition, it has truthful information, in real time, about each of the services offered by the institution.

The app is available for download on major online stores such as Google Play and the App Store, allowing for easy distribution and access to users of different devices. Since its launch, the app has garnered a significant number of downloads, surpassing 500 downloads in its version 1.1.0.

Within the application, the user has an easily accessible panel where they can view their documents and evaluate the status of their requests. Likewise, it has accessibility to a large number of services offered by the DGA.

Some of the services that can be requested are: certificates, registrations, renewals, among others, which can be of a general, import and export nature. Each service has a detailed description of the cost, the procedures to follow and the responsible department, with its contact information.

In addition, the application contains the functionality of consulting Courier packages and generation of payment pin for individuals. With this innovation, Customs advances in the digitization of its services, to provide a better and more efficient experience to all its taxpayers, saving time and resources.

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