Home World Customer pays 750 euros for 2 sandwiches because of comma error

Customer pays 750 euros for 2 sandwiches because of comma error

Customer pays 750 euros for 2 sandwiches because of comma error

A small typing error that immediately weighs heavily on the bank account. In Leuven, Belgium, a customer paid 750 euros for two sandwiches because of a comma error during payment.

The facts happened last Sunday, in the Hoegaards broodje sandwich shop in the Belgian city east of Brussels. The managers found themselves a little overwhelmed by the influx of customers who came to watch the cycling world championship. “The establishment was full. The line was really long and we worked as quickly as possible. A supporter was waiting in our store with his wife and when he wanted to pay for his order, things turned out badly ”, told the owner of the small restaurant sign to the Belgian media. 7 out of 7.

In a rush, the customer in question wanted to pay for his two sandwiches via the Payconiq dematerialized payment application, and accidentally validated an amount of 750 euros instead of 7.50. “It all happened so fast … I didn’t have my glasses on and the man himself was also in a hurry because he didn’t want to miss anything from the race. So he paid this huge sum without checking. He immediately left with his order, ”continued the manager.

It was only the next day, while doing the accounts, that the restaurateur discovered the enormous sum spent by this man. However, the sandwich shop only had the first name of the unfortunate customer, “Ludo”, as information. They then launched an appeal in the local press to find him.

The latter, having seen the various reports of the local channels, or having simply consulted his bank statements, realized his error and returned to Hoegaards broodje. “It is all good. The customer prefers to remain anonymous, but we have found him and we are very happy to be able to reimburse him for his money, ”the restaurateur said to the Belgian media.

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