Curry returns to work just as he left

The staging of these Warriors as champions we had already seen it other times. They had also won in 2015, 2017 and 2018. An unrepeatable generation that this 2022 has been crowned again in the NBA and that on Tuesday night, with a tremendous time delay due to the double header television, has put a ring on his fingers again. Players who are no longer, like Quinndary Weatherspoon, who don’t have minutes, like Andre Iguodala, or who are on the opposite side, like Juan Toscano. That other side was that of the Lakersa division rival and one that can be crossed on the way when the regular season if they overcome that barrier. It will not be easy to see these two face to face if the proof is what is seen in this match, but in American basketball everything is light, color and, most of the time, a trash can full of predictions.

Those of San Francisco prevailed 123-109 in a controlled game, which again exposes the bad vibes of the Lakers -although they came with casualties- and makes their fans shudder. Will there be another cursed season like the previous one? They have played against the champion and their schedule in the first two weeks is difficult, hold on tight.

The camaraderie is better in the Warriors even coming from a punch in practice that has been seen in the last corner of social networks. Better than in the Lakers, of course, who have a new coach with Darvin Ham and had Russell Westbrook as head of circumstances despite the fact that they plan to put him as a substitute during the campaign. The champions smooth things over with Green, the striker, and Poole, the receiver not only of that blow but of a counterattack for good services, while they have Stephen Curry (33+6+7) teaching. The MVP of the last finals was armed with success only when he really needed it, the rest were reinforcement classes, to put the Chase Center at his feet. He was also in the class Lebron James (31-14+8), but as a listener; It will come in handy to know how to manage the pitote you have in your team.

A version of the calm champion is what we saw for most of the encounter. That, almost everything. The whole plan was going so well that they relaxed. It was the boost they needed. Curry began by missing the shots, distributing game and delegating to others who seemed more hungry. That, they seemed. He later took it upon himself to make it clear that he is not on a diet. Poole linked two 3-pointers with two other high-intensity plays as soon as he came off the bench, and that was the first breakthrough for the Warriors. +9 completely annihilated by Anthony Davis, who stayed in control of the area and dominated a hyperactive Wiseman who needs grounds. The improvement of the locals in the exterior shots and that of those who executed them, such as Moody, the new DiVincenzo or even Curry himself, gave another small pull to the scoreboard in the second act. There was even a certain sporting complicity between Poole and Green, something that should not be disdained given the serious altercation they staged a few weeks ago. +9 lighting up the pavilion again, managing distances like that and happiness for the parish.

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LeBron James, in the season that could overtake Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s leading scorer, measures his efforts. Back from the locker room it was time to take them out. But, really, two minutes of well channeled fury and little else. Ham gave him the quick relief seeing that the match was beginning to go away. The Warriors had come out even better, going straight to the kill. And Thompson, Wiggins, Green and Looney had joined, four of the five starters who secured the title last June. En bloc, just the way they like it. 13-4 in the partial, with the difference almost shot to unrecoverable levels, and with LeBron hitting another rush at the end of the third.

Little hope remained for the Lakers. Who knows if there has really been a change in mentality, last year’s was to step on it with cleated boots. Here they took pride and part of the good game that they can display. From overcoming a disadvantage of twenty to twelve in three minutes and, crowning another positive streak with a mate from Westbrook, only eight. The answer was not going to be in them, but in the opposite. The Warriors had fallen asleep at the wheel, proposing vague attacks that showed signs of taking it for granted with too much playing time left. There came the blow and only Stephen Curry could be the one to activate the senses of the best team of last season again. He layup in a gymnastic move, lopsided shot from the corner and, to add delight, a foul 3-pointer. Now it was done. Wiggins, with two other shots from the perimeter, closed the contest. A first day in which several points can already be analyzed on both sides. The point to the locker, be that as it may, stays at home.

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