Culture: in Deauville, a day dedicated to the pirate Johnny Depp

At the Deauville American Film Festival (Calvados), Sunday, September 5 was Johnny Depp’s day. But there was no walkabout for the disgraced actor.

She is a star who knows how to be desired. Sunday September 5, in Deauville (Calvados), there were signs to announce the arrival of the pirate of the seventh art. Funny music in the air, fans on the war footing, and who sometimes have the rhythm ?? right down to the skin. On the red carpet, the actresses also have only his name on the lips. And suddenly, Johnny Depp appeared in a palace hallway, with a grunge look, his signature for almost 30 years.

I love people“Said the actor, in French in the text. He is also a man in search of respectability after his marital escapades displayed in the tabloids. In the cinema, we will soon find him aged and unrecognizable in City Of Lies. An umpteenth role for a chameleon actor, who has composed with the greatest directors. Even the president of the festival, Charlotte Gainsbourg, has already shared the poster with this Francophile actor. “It makes me very happy to meet him“, she assures. Captain Jack Sparrow greets you well, and he will return, it is promised.

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