Cueto: “This is another challenge in my career”

No sooner had he landed in his virtual battle for a spot with the Washington Nationals than Jeimer Candelario received an early call to be part of the Dominican Republic squad that would play in the World Classic.

For a moment, he had left behind the dispute for a position between the third baseman and the initial in what for him represents a new franchise, but the duty to display the colors of his country in a World Cup event was a fact that should not be overlooked. high.

“For me it has been a blessing to be called to be part of the team, imagine for a Dominican it will always be an honor to be on a stage of this magnitude and this is an opportunity that you don’t know how many more times it could happen to him in his life. ”, Candelario maintained to the Listín Diario prior to the clash against Israel.

After the non-participation of Vladimir Guerrero Jr due to discomfort in the initial stage, the stage was opened to insert a substitute in the position and the romanense was the best option to do so.

Who was not on the first roster, today has started at first base in each of the first three matches and was, along with Juan Soto and Julio Rodríguez, the only quisqueyans who reached the bases in each of the first two commitments. In his case, he produced an unstoppable in his first turn.

“I want to contribute greatly to the success of my country, from whatever role it is,” added Candelario, a natural third baseman.

Since he joined the club, he immediately became the man who makes the blessings as soon as the team arrives in the dressing room to place it in God’s hands every step of the players every time they go out onto the field.

This gave him many results in 2013 when the pitcher Santiago Casilla, pastor assumed this virtue.

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The strikeouts that awardedDuke Hebbert

This is a new pitcher from Nicaragua, he is 21 years old and was the most outstanding note for his nation in the match against the Dominican Republic. Hebbert was called to the box in the ninth by manager Sandor Guido and his story was fanning Juan Soto with three pitches, Julio Rodríguez with a pitch instead and although he accepted a double from Manny Machado, he also struck out Rafael Devers to complete his history.

He was eventually called up by scout Luis Molina from Detroit and was signed to a minor league contract. The news was given to all the teammates on the bus and manager Guido called it the best story for Nicaragua in the Classic.

Alex lets himself be seen

Alex Rodríguez was in training for the Dominican team prior to the clash against Israel, he was seen talking very animatedly with Robinson Canó and Francisco Cordero. Undoubtedly a figure that magnifies the event.

Molasses well active

José Reyes has been very active with the Dominican team and integrated into the practices he attends every day, he places himself in first base to catch shots from the infield, very happy talking with most of his colleagues. He active with his music and enjoying his family.

Yuneski Maya and her Dominicanness

The Cuban pitcher was seen as always very happy watching the clash between the Dominican Republic and Israel with a shirt that said Dominican and a flag of the tricolor country. Undoubtedly one more Dominican that the country has in the pitcher who comes every year to participate with the Eagles.

Israel and its peculiar formto exercise

Israel players have a peculiar way of working out, they usually make a kind of circle so big that it occupies center and right fields. From there they do their respective exercises.

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