Cuban outfielder Luis Robert Jr is the man of the moment in the American League

In the midst of a disastrous season (15-28) for the Chicago White Sox, there is a player who is flying under the radar, but that without a doubt has been the engine so that the organization does not collapse before reaching the middle of the calendar of Major League Baseball.

At 25 years old, Luis Robert Jr is the face of the present and future of the White Soxalthough for now it has been underestimated by the national media and even by the fans of the Chicago team themselves.

On tuesday night Robert Jr homered for the fourth straight game to lead the White Sox to an 8-3 victory over the Cleveland Guardians.

Luis Robert is the offensive engine of the White Sox with 28 RBIs.
Luis Robert is the offensive engine of the White Sox with 28 RBIs.JUSTIN CASTERLINEAFP

The Cuban became the first player with a four-game home run streak for the White Sox since Matt Davidson in 2017. Until this Wednesday’s game, the native of Guantanamo had 12 four-cornered sticks, the third most in this campaign below the 14 of Pete Alonso (NY Mets). and Max Mundy (Dodgers).

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Luis homers past Rafael Devers among the Latinos who have hit the most home runs up to this point in the campaign.

The center fielder is hitting .275/.335/.562 with an .897 OPS while ranking first among all outfielders in above-average putouts and defensive runs saved. The only facet missing from Robert’s game thus far has been base running, as he has only attempted (and converted) one steal.

In early 2020, the Chicago White Sox and Luis Robert agreed to a contract for six seasons and 50 million dollars.

“I risked everything when I left Cuba to pursue this dream, and now I know that the entire process and all my sacrifices will be rewarded,” Robert said in a statement. “My next step is to work like never before, but now with more dedication and with the desire to help my team achieve our goal of winning championships,” said in an interview he gave to the newspaper The Chicago Tribune.

Even during a bad run he suffered at the beginning of the current campaign, Robert showed his mettle by playing top-tier defense in center field. The Cuban has remained healthy to be able to establish his numbers.

So far it has pushed 28 runs and has hit 11 doubles for a .274 average

The hat

Because home run celebrations have reached new levels this season, the Chicago White Sox decided to celebrate every home run by dressing up as mobsters.

The Cuban Luis Robert Jr. is who has done it the most with his 12 home runs.

In 2020 Luis Robert Jr signed a six-year, $50 million contract with the Chicago White Sox.
In 2020 Luis Robert Jr signed a six-year, $50 million contract with the Chicago White Sox.JUSTIN CASTERLINEAFP

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