Cuba seizes 341 kilograms of marijuana in an anti-drug operation with the US.

The Cuban Border Guard authorities seized 17 containers with 340.7 kilograms of marijuana as a result of an operation against international drug trafficking carried out in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, reported this Sunday the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) of the island.

The containers with drugs were seized on May 18 after the Border Guard Troops received a call from the Miami Coast Guard about the presence 5 miles north of the province of Holguín (east) of a boat with two crew members on board, white and two outboard motors, suspected of drug trafficking,” the note says.

He explained that the Cuban authorities seized the drugs thrown into the sea, the boat was sunk by its crew members, and its crew members were detained by the US authorities.

The containers with the drug “They were transferred to the Holguín Naval Squadron and handed over to the Provincial Operational Guard, which will continue the investigations to collect and provide the necessary evidence,” indicated the Minint report, in which it stated that “during the laboratory tests it was verified that it is marijuana.”

“This fact ratifies Cuba’s political will of zero tolerance towards the global phenomenon of illicit drug trafficking, while confirming the importance that our State attaches to international cooperation to face this serious threat to the security of countries, especially with the United States, the main destination for most of the drugs that impact the maritime corridors close to our national territory,” he stresses.

At the end of last April, the Cuban authorities reported that they arrested 26 people involved in a drug trafficking operation that they dismantled and seized more than 300 kilograms of marijuana, cocaine and amphetamine that entered the island by sea and air.

The Government of Cuba maintains that its policy is “zero tolerance” with drugsa crime for which it applies heavy penalties to drug traffickers and provides its citizens with free treatment options for detoxification.

Havana is a signatory to the main multilateral legal instruments approved by the United Nations, including 11 extradition treaties, 34 legal assistance treaties, 42 drug treaties, and 31 sanctioned transfer treaties with other countries.

On the island, drug trafficking is punishable by high sentences and even life imprisonment, and possession is also penalized, while consumers only receive fines and warnings when dealing with minimal doses for personal use.

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