Cuba denounces its exclusion from the “Summit of the Americas” held in the United States

The Cuban government on Monday denounced its exclusion by the United States from the “Summit of the Americas” in Los Angeles as an “undemocratic and arbitrary” decision, welcoming the gesture of the Mexican president who refused to participate in it out of solidarity. Cuba, like Venezuela and Nicaragua, is not invited because “the United States continues to have reservations about the lack of democratic space and respect for human rights” in these countries, confirmed Monday to AFP a White House official.

“The American government, abusing the privilege due to its status as host country, decided very early on to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the 9th Summit of the Americas” and “refused to take into account the legitimate demands of many governments to change this discriminatory and unacceptable position,” the Cuban government said in an official statement. “There is not a single reason that justifies the undemocratic and arbitrary exclusion of any country from the American continent from this meeting”.

“We cannot talk about the Americas without encompassing all the countries”

On May 25, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel warned that he would not go to the Summit if countries were excluded. “Between its arrogance, its fear that inconvenient truths will be heard, its determination to prevent the meeting from discussing the most pressing and complex issues of the American continent, and the contradictions of its own weak and polarized political system, the American government has a again opted for exclusion as a means of trying to carry out an event without concrete contributions, but beneficial to the image of imperialism”, criticizes the Cuban government.

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Havana, however, salutes “the leadership of Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador”, who refused to participate in the Summit to denounce these exclusions, despite the “immoral pressures, blackmail, threats and low blows of the American government to make him change his mind. “.

“The United States underestimated support for Cuba in the region, while trying to impose its policy of hostility towards Cuba, unilateral and universally rejected, as if it were a consensual position on the American continent, but the debate on the invitation process has proven the opposite”, underline the communist authorities. “We cannot speak of the Americas without encompassing all the countries of the continent,” they add. Joe Biden’s “Summit of the Americas”, meant to usher in a new era in US relations with Latin America, opens Monday in Los Angeles.

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