Cuba begins to reinforce its coronavirus vaccine

Amid a sustained decline in Covid-19 cases and with two-thirds of its population vaccinated, Cuba will begin next week to apply a booster of its own vaccines against the virus which, in your case, will be through a fourth dose.

For reinforcement, the Sovereign Plus, which is the complement of two of the three vaccines that Cuban scientists created and that the health authority approved and distributed throughout the island. A sample of your health autonomy and independence.

The news was confirmed by the president Miguel Diaz Canel:

The reason why a fourth dose will be applied is because the complete schedule of those vaccines, the Abdala and the Sovereign 02, consists of three doses. That is, one more than those made by multinational laboratories that are marketed in most countries.

“This booster vaccination will be in a single dose and the population of all these municipalities that have the three doses will be vaccinated, that is to say, the complete scheme of the vaccine “, announced the deputy director of Health of Havana, Nilda Roca.

This booster dose will be the fourth and would apply to people who have completed more than six months of having received the last dose.

Vaccination in Cuba

So far they are 7.3 million Cubans who received the complete scheme, which is equivalent to 65.9 percent of the entire population. The results were a sustained fall in infections.

The last official part indicated that the island reported 592 new cases of Covid and two deaths, a figure in decline in recent weeks, for a cumulative of 954,342 cases and 8,252 deaths in 21 months of the pandemic.

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In this way, Cuba joins the group of countries that already applies an extra dose to maintain control and the fall of the pandemic. The only difference with the other countries is that it does so with vaccines made by the State and with its own scientists.

By the end of September, Uruguay had vaccinated 24 percent of its population with a third dose, while Colombia announced in the same month that it will apply the third dose to older adults and health personnel, and chili He had applied it to 1.8 million people.


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