The Assembly of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation accepted this Friday the presence of Cuba and Curaçao in the 65th edition of the upcoming Caribbean Series to be played in Greater Caracas, Venezuela, in February 2023.

The information was released by Mr. Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, Commissioner of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC), at a press conference held this morning through the Zoom platform, from the city of Santo Domingo, RD.

The presidents of the Winter Leagues, members of the Organizing Committee, as well as the countries that will participate in the Gran Caracas 2023 Caribbean Series, Panama, Colombia, Cuba and Curaçao, as well as the Confederation of Professional Baseball Players of the Caribbean ( CONPEPROCA), among other entities.

Puello Herrera declared that the invitation to the two new teams from Cuba and Curaçao came from the Organizing Committee of the upcoming Caribbean Series, so the “65th special edition” of the Caribbean Series will be played with eight teams, a fact that it will happen for the first time, which constitutes a qualitative and quantitative achievement, in favor of the Caribbean baseball fanatic.

At the press conference, the president of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, Guiseppe Palmesano and president of the Organizing Committee of the Caribbean Series “Gran Caracas 2023”, affirmed that they are working tirelessly to mark a milestone in the Caribbean baseball tournament. .

On his side, the Director of the Organizing Committee, Humberto Oropeza, affirmed that Venezuela is striving to present a “great Caribbean Series”, recalling that his country has vast experience in staging this type of event.

On his side, Yamil Benítez, president of the Confederation of Professional Baseball Players of the Caribbean (CONPEPROCA), stated that yesterday, Thursday, the Caribbean Baseball Commissioner, Mr. Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, contacted him and informed him of what was agreed by the plenary of the Assembly to accept the presence as guests of Cuba and Curaçao.

The president of the Cuban Baseball Federation, Juan Reynaldo Pérez Pardo, and the representative of Curaçao, Jedrek Magdelena, thanked the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League for the invitation, as well as the plenary session of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation, for the acceptance. that they have given him for his participation in the upcoming Caribbean Series “Gran Caracas 2023”.



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