Opinion of great calm on the remuneration of the chairmen of independent administrative authorities (AAI) and independent public authorities (API). The overhaul of the rules governing the status and bonuses of these senior officials, by decree of February 27, 2020, has had the effect of stabilizing the level of their salaries. Between 2021 and 2022, these will only evolve marginally, according to a budget yellow annexed to the budget bill. Of the 26 presidents of authorities listed, 20 will retain remuneration strictly identical to that received this year. Only three of them should suffer a reduction in their emoluments. This is the case of the president of the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP), Didier Migaud. The former president of the Court of Auditors should see his remuneration fall, from 99,900 euros this year to 87,500 euros (gross annual remuneration) in 2022. In question, the liquidation of his retirement pension from the Court of Auditors which comes, by the rule of non-accumulation between pension and remuneration, reduce the amount of his remuneration.

Another decrease, that of the remuneration of the president of the High Council of the Statutory Auditors (H3C). In office since April 1, 2021, Florence Peybernes will see her pay drop by 2.7% – compared to 2020, a full year – in 2022 to stand at 162,936 euros. Finally, Robert Ophèle also accuses a drop in salary of 2%. Despite everything, the president of the financial markets authority (AMF) can keep smiling. Among IAA executives, he remains the best paid with 237,001 euros of gross annual remuneration (19,750 euros per month).

Conversely, two presidents of authority see their remuneration – very slightly – increase. The increase is almost imperceptible in the case of Chantal Jouanno. The salary of the president of the national commission for public debate (CNDP) increases by 0.1% and peaks at 176,931 euros gross per year. The increase is also very slight for the president of the Transport Authority (ART) Bernard Roman. The transport specialist will benefit from an increase of 0.7% to reach 156,000 euros gross per year.

A decree that regulates remuneration

The stability of the remuneration of the presidents of independent administrative authorities is the consequence of a decree taken by the government on February 27, 2020. Anxious to put order in the administrative bush, the executive has therefore specified in writing the rules that govern the payment of fees. Thus, an authority president who fulfills his function full-time receives remuneration and a service allowance. He also has the possibility of cumulating “if necessary a residence allowance and the family supplement of treatment”, details the text. Conversely, the presidents of administrative authorities who exercise their role on a part-time basis are remunerated on the basis of a “fixed allowance”, the amount of which is set by the government.

In addition, since last year, the accumulation of a retirement pension and a service allowance is no longer possible. “The amount of the scheduled service allowance (…) is reduced by the amount of the pension (s) received each year”, specifies the decree.


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