Crypto Whales Buy Large Numbers of Shiba Inu Coins

More and more large investors are buying Shiba Inu coins and that is not surprising. The Shiba Inu price is up more than 51 percent in the past week and analysts remain optimistic about the currency.

Shiba Inu price rises by 51 percent

The price of the SHIB token has increased enormously in the past week. This is despite the crypto world going into a bear market. While Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple showed a moderate recovery, the Shiba Inu price rocketed. The price of 1 SHIB token has increased by 51% in 7 days.

This price increase was accompanied by a rapidly increasing trading volume. That is definitely a positive sign, according to analysts. It means that there is an increasing interest among small and large crypto investors. And especially those big investors, also called whales, have been buying a lot of Shiba Inu coins lately.

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