Crypto Update: XRP Goes Like a Rocket, Cardano Makes Major Update

Ethereum herstelt iets, dogecoin zakt iets, XRP stijgt 't hardst

The crypto market is finally turning green again after a series of gloomy days. Today we have some significant outliers in between, XRP in particular stands out. Despite this, fears are still high and many analysts are very bearish. There is a strong fear that this is only a temporary rebound in this dire macroeconomic situation. Still, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is rising 3.8% to $987 billion. Discuss this in our Discord surroundings!

Bitcoin climbs but struggles with resistance

Bitcoin (BTC) started after the low from $18,250 to finally climb cautiously again. However, since yesterday evening, the price has been running against quite a bit of resistance around $19,400. At the time of writing, the BTC price stands at $18,960 on Coinbase and $19,220 on Bitvavo. This means that the BTC rate is 2% in the plus today.

Ethereum attracts slightly stronger

Ethereum (ETH) picked up a bit stronger yesterday. First, ETH dipped to $1,250 last night, but the price then started to rise sharply. However, the resistance around $1,350 was still a bit too much for the ether this morning. ETH stands at $1,335 at the time of writing and is up 4.6% today.

XRP shoots off

Ripple (XRP) is currently booming. XRP was expected to be rejected yesterday, but apparently the FOMO hit harder than expected. The price struggled with USD 0.49 last night, but broke through it anyway and peaked at USD 0.55 this morning. At the time of writing, XRP is starting to fall, but the price is still 25% in the plus today and even 60% in the plus this week.

Cardano makes major update

Cardano (ADA) finally has his long-awaited Vasil hard fork executed. It’s one of the biggest updates to the network in a long time, but despite all the tension, the price doesn’t seem to be responding to the news yet. ADA made another small jump this morning to $0.477, but is currently falling to $0.46 and is up 3.6% today

Crypto top 100 hardest risers

In addition, we still have a number of significant risers in the top 100 today, although they do not come close to XRP. Maker (MKR) and algorithm (ALGO) are 8% in the plus. Chain (XCN), compound (COMP) and stellar (XLM) are up 12%. Chiliz (CHZ) continues its rally and, together with cronos (CRO), is no less than 13% in the plus today.

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