Crypto Twitter Reacts to Official ‘Game of Thrones’ NFTs: ‘The Worst I’ve Ever Seen’

The official “Game of Thrones” NFT collection, called “Build Your Realm”, is just seven hours after its release yesterday a; completely sold out on the NFT marketplace called Nifty’s.

The huge demand for these NFTs was predictable due to the popularity of the show, but many crypto fans can’t help laughing about the quality of the collectibles. The avatars are so bad it’s comical.

The Game Of Thrones NFTs are dramatic

While there were also some issues during the launch of the project, most of the criticism has focused on the appearance of the avatars on the NFTs. And then especially on the strange hands of NFT number 54 and 32.

“This Game of Thrones NFT collection is just like the final season of the show,” wrote Justin Taylor. Other twitterers also call the NFTs the worst thing they’ve ever seen.

NFT #54 – Source: Nifty

Still, all the commotion that has arisen around the Game Of Thrones NFTs may well have a good effect for investors. Some analysts have noted that all the hilarity surrounding the characters could well cause the price to skyrocket.

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