Crypto trader who earns millions still lives with his mother

A 25-year-old Australian crypto trader who traded nearly $2 billion in capital in 2021 ran his empire from his childhood home in Sydney, Australia, the company registry shows. It is about the young Darren Nguyen, who with his PO Street Capital quite successful is.

$7 million profit

In his parents’ home, he managed to post a profit of about $7 million in fiscal year 2021. He made that profit on a total of almost $ 2 billion in transactions. Darren Nguyen has therefore been quite active in 2021. Especially if you compare it to 2020, in which he brought in about $480,000 with his trading firm.

PO Street Capital’s accountants write that the results show that its net profit has increased by 1,404.12 percent in 2021 compared to the past year. Darren Nguyen paid himself about $600,000 in dividends in 2021. Chances are that Darren Nguyen used leveraged trading to process those $2 billion worth of transactions in 2021.

The family remains silent

The cute thing about the whole story is that the family doesn’t want to say anything and the mother of the house didn’t comment on the trading activity under her roof either. Darren Nguyen also remains silent about his venture and trading strategy. That in itself is also beautiful. Why tell the world your secret when you are so successful? After all, if you really make a lot of money, you don’t have to sell a course to teach other people how to trade.

On the other hand, there are also successful traders who enjoy helping other people on their way. In that sense, it is possible that there are traders with good intentions among them. Incidentally, it is unclear what 2022 has brought for Darren Nguyen and PO Street Capital. That will undoubtedly have been a tough year for Nguyen’s Australian ‘trading house’.

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