Crypto trader makes mega profit of $651,000 after betting $3,000

A remarkable story about a trader who made a profit of $651,000 in just under a day. It sounds too good to be true, but he's a dealer Success. With a modest stake of just under $3,000, he made a mega profit that was the envy of many investors.

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This cryptocurrency leads the trader to mega profits

The trader quoted 1.31 ether (ETH), about $3,000 to buy a whopping 386.94 trillion Snowman Meme (SNOW). This was 43.5% of the total supply Cryptocurrency and a bizarre transaction with no fewer than 12 zeros.

The trader has now sold 72 trillion Snowman meme tokens for 53.4 Ethereum. That means he has a realized profit of about $116,000. He still owns the rest of the tokens and accounts for 35.4% of SNOW's total supply. The unrealized gain is $535,000 at the time of writing. All in all, a mega win of $651,000!

What is Snowman Meme (SNOW)?

On January 24th announced Ice Decentralized Future on X, the cryptocurrency. Snowman Meme is a brand new coin based on Ethereum Blockchain. As Ice announces, it is a community memecoin that has now been launched in a decentralized manner Exchange Uniswap.

Furthermore, not much news is known about this memecoin, but users are complaining about the issuance of a new cryptocurrency. So gives a user At Why is there a new start while the current problem The reason for launching ICE on OKX has not been clarified. In one Answer From Ice they indicate that there is nothing to solve and that they will continue the project.

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Memecoins remain popular among investors

Various memecoins such as Pepe (PEPE), Bang (BONK) and dogwifhat (WIF) are very popular among investors. This is how you could do it recently I still read that dogwifhat rose 50% after a specific tweet from an asset manager.

However, with this new release of the Cryptocurrency Snowman meme, it is important to note that this article is not financial advice. Investing in such memecoins involves great risks and a lot of money is often lost due to unwise decisions. Therefore, always consult an advisor when making financial decisions.

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