Crypto still on Binance? So you can safely withdraw your coins

Binance announced in June that it would completely withdraw from the Netherlands. Obtaining the proper permits was too complicated, so for the money they chose eggs. A little later it also ceased its services in Belgium. All Dutch clients had to remove their assets from the platform before August 17th. Not true? Don’t worry, with a little effort you can still get your money back.

It is still possible to receive Bitcoin from Binance

Since August 17th, all Binance accounts from the Netherlands have been suspended. This means that you will no longer be able to trade on Binance or use any of the other services offered by the company. After years of successful existence in the Netherlands, the stop may have come suddenly for some.

Luckily, it’s still possible to take back control of your coins. After August 17th, Binance converted all remaining balances of Dutch people to USDT. If you left your funds, you still have the option to withdraw your funds by making a manual request.

You then need to log in and go to the Asset page. You will then be automatically redirected to the page listing all the cryptocurrencies in your Binance account. You can submit a cryptocurrency redemption request for any cryptocurrency. You can choose which wallet you want to send it to. Of course, choose the right network for this.

The steps to withdraw your cryptocurrency from Binance.

You can withdraw your cryptocurrency for another 5 years. However, don’t wait too long lest you forget! Looking for a new exchange? Create an account with Bitvavo using this link and get a 10 euro gift.

Customers switch to Dutch exchanges

Binance announced in early July that customers can sign up to transfer their assets.

The Dutch exchange Bitvavo had previously come up with a generous campaign. All Binance clients who opened an account with Bitvavo and transferred their assets received a welcome bonus of 10% annually on top of the assets participants transferred from Binance.

Every day, participants received 0.03% on top of the value of their deposited tokens. However, a maximum of 500 euros applies.

It turned out to be a beneficial strategy; Over time, hundreds of millions of euros flowed from Binance to Bitvavo. For Bitvavo you will still receive 10 euros for free when you create an account.

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