Home Business Crypto Rewind 30: Dogecoin price rises, Binance out of Germany

Crypto Rewind 30: Dogecoin price rises, Binance out of Germany

Crypto Rewind 30: Dogecoin price rises, Binance out of Germany

No week is the same in the crypto industry. two weeks ago was mainly dominated by regulation, such as with regard to the lawsuit against Ripple. Last week, the prices of many cryptocurrencies remained largely flat, but a lot has happened in terms of regulation.

Bitcoin price almost flat, dogecoin is rising

The prices of many coins remained virtually unchanged this week. For example, the bitcoin price has fallen by only 1.6% against the euro, which means that the price is still just below an important resistance line. A possible positive for bitcoin is that the halving is slowly approaching.

According to former institutional investor PlanB, the price could reach a price of $1 million by 2024. Ook bitcoin has reached the milestone of 800,000 blocks on the blockchain.

One of the few gainers of the week was dogecoin (DOGE). That seems to have to do with Elon Musk, who decided to change Twitter’s brand name to simply ‘X’. Musk is openly fond of the memecoin, and there are some little clues here and there.

Crypto regulation: Binance out of Germany, US take big step

Regulation was again important this week. For example, the United States is working on much-needed laws around stablecoins and protecting investors. One of these bills has now been approved in the House of Representatives.

While the arrival of good legislation in the US seems to take a very long time, Russia is already a step further. Last Wednesday, President Putin signed a law for the digital ruble. Now the central bank can start with the concept phase for this Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Meanwhile, Binance has decided to voluntarily withdraw its application for a license in Germany. The exchange would like to reapply in a better way, now that the rules in Germany have changed somewhat.

Governments not happy with Worldcoin

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency Worldcoin (WLD) was introduced on Monday. This token must be distributed as a kind of Universal Basic Income (UBI), because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to become a formidable competitor in the job market.

You can create a wallet address for this crypto by having your iris scanned by an iris scanner. The governments of Germany and France are skeptical about how the organization handles user data and have launched an investigation. Skeptics also have their doubts about how many users the network actually has.

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