Crypto recap 05-12: Bitvavo about crypto winter, and more crypto news

If you regularly keep an eye on Crypto Insiders, you know that the crypto news never stands still. Developments follow at a furious pace and so you can sometimes miss the overview. That is why we list the most important news for you every morning. In this edition we find statements from the CEO of Bitvavo, the founder of Ethereum (ETH) with important advice and another exciting bitcoin price forecast.

Bitvavo continues to grow even in crypto winter

With the situation at FTX and other exchanges, it is understandable if you as a bitcoin investor do not know where you are safe. FTX invested its customers’ funds elsewhere and that ultimately caused major problems. But the Dutch company Bitvavo has its affairs in order.

Yesterday it was reported that the CEO of the trading platform, Mark Nuvelstijn, is confident in the future. In conversation with Quote, it stated that the platform “continues to grow steadily” and that if the market continues on this basis for years, it is “completely fine” for Bitvavo.

Ethereum founder: focus on technology

Furthermore, in the ethereum news that one of the founders of the network, Vitalik Buterin, has some good advice. This advice is aimed at people who are about to throw in the towel due to the ongoing crypto winter and malicious people who run off with other people’s money.

“I can advise you to move away from the trading and investment circles and focus more on the technology and application ecosystems,” Buterin said in response to CoinMamba. The latter said in an earlier tweet that after 9 years he was “quite exhausted” by all the scammers and fraudsters in crypto, which is of course understandable.

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Bitcoin to $5,000? It’s a realistic scenario

As you know, prices are bad. So bad in fact that the American bank Standard Chartered considers it realistic for bitcoin to drop to $ 5,000. It published a list with scenarios to consider, things that are currently often dismissed as very unlikely. The bank does emphasize that it is a scenario that does not necessarily have to come true, but that it is still a scenario that remains possible.

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