Crypto Prices Rise – 5 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In During New Crypto Bull Run!

The financial markets are turned upside down by the collapse of several banks and investors flee to other options. Cryptocurrency is one of the ‘safe’ investments that people now like to put their money in.

Because of their decentralized nature, crypto coins have nothing to do with institutions such as banks, and will therefore not just fall over or go bankrupt. This has caused a new crypto bull run in which crypto prices from the entire market have risen sharply.

In this article, we look at the best crypto investments during this new crypto bull run so that you can put together a diverse portfolio.

Top 5 Best Crypto Coins To Invest In During New Crypto Bull Run!

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU)New meme crypto project for online polls
  2. Fight Out (FGHT)Earn crypto with fitness workouts!
  3. C+Charge (CCHG)New crypto payment system for electric cars
  4. Robot Era (TARO)New metaverse coin available in presale
  5. Neo (NEO) – Will the Chinese crypto boom continue in the near future?

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Top 5 Best Crypto Investments During Crypto Bull Run – Learn More

To learn more about the 5 best crypto investments during the current crypto bull run, read more about these projects below. We look at the purpose of the projects, how the development is going and what you can expect from the crypto coin.

Some of these projects are only available in a presale, but that gives you a chance to invest in these coins extra early. This way you can take maximum advantage of increases in these crypto rates as soon as they are added crypto exchanges be listed.

1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – New meme crypto project for online polls

In recent years, there have been more and more new developments within the crypto market, such as Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn, and the developers of Love Hate Inu have come up with something new: Vote-to-Earn.

With Love Hate Inu they started a project on which all kinds of polls are held where you get two options; Love or Hate. Think of polls about famous people such as Donald Trump and Elon Musk.

Anyone who participates in voting on these polls can then earn the corresponding LHINU token. This is how you get paid to participate in these polls.

Love Hate Inu launched just a few weeks ago, but has already raised nearly $1.4 million in a presale. This presale is structured in such a way that it pays to be there as early as possible, because once every few days the price of the token rises.

Love Hate Inu’s price started at $0.000085, but the 11.25 billion tokens made available at this price quickly sold out. The price for the LHINU token is now at $0.00009.

However, that does not mean that you are already too late, because the token will eventually be launched for $0.000145.

The presale of Love Hate Inu will last a total of about 75 days, after which it is expected that the token will soon reach exchanges. Love Hate Inu has published an extensive roadmap for this year.

For example, it wants to start working with the voting algorithm from the second quarter, offer the option to register with the platform and share the first demos of the voting system with the public.

Later in the year, the option to stake LHINU will also come online, the management dashboard will be published and the first Vote-to-Earn rewards will be distributed.

The goal for 2024 and beyond is also known; Love Hate Inu has to be incorporated into all kinds of large metaverse projects in order to appeal to even more audiences.

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2. Fight Out (FGHT) – Earn crypto with fitness workouts!

A crypto presale who has been around for a while is that of Fight Out. This crypto project also aims to distribute rewards to its users, but it applies a completely different idea for this.

The Move-to-Earn principle was once announced by STEPN, but due to the limitations of this project, it did not gain traction with the masses. Fight Out wants to change that by combining Move-to-Earn with fitness and martial arts.

Within the Fight Out app you can complete different workouts and when you do you will receive REPS, Fight Out’s off-chain token. With this REPS you can buy Fight Out merchandise, but also hire a personal trainer or subscribe to a gym.

All in all, Fight Out brings the somewhat unknown Move-to-Earn to a huge target group. This is partly due to collaborations they have entered into with MMA fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, but also with fitness influencers and professional boxers.

The figures show that the presale of Fight Out has been going on for a while. The project has already raised nearly $6 million and is on presale until March 31st.

5 days later, Fight Out’s token, FGHT, will be listed on the first exchanges. This will immediately concern central exchanges, such as parties such as BKEX, Changelly Pro, LBank and many more.

This has the advantage that soon after the presale the coin is immediately available to a large audience. We have seen more often that this can lead to huge price increases, because there is suddenly a big run on the crypto coin.

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3. C+Charge (CCHG) – New crypto payment system for electric cars

Almost every week there seems to be a new report coming out about how bad our current climate is doing. An important solution is to abandon petrol and diesel cars and make the massive switch to electric vehicles.

However, with a massive switch, some problems always arise. It is never easy to get such a large group to make the switch all at once, and there are also a number of transition problems with electric vehicles.

Think mainly of charging the cars, not only must there be sufficient electricity for that; there must also be sufficient charging points. It is precisely there that a skewed growth seems to have taken place.

Many charging stations are still being opened, but they often have their own prices and their own payment system. As a result, there is a proliferation of different options for charging your car and it is a lot of research for consumers to find the best option.

C+Charge needs to change that. This new crypto project is developing a payment system that all charging stations can connect to so that you can pay with the CCHG token.

By doing that, C+Charge also has a much better overview of all available charging stations and can indicate in real time in the C+Charge app which stations are available and which prices are used here.

Furthermore, C+Charge has a number of other points that can make it such an interesting project. By using blockchain technology, they can offer an extra.

This extra is that you can earn carbon credits for charging your car. After all, you are doing something good to combat climate change and C+Charge wants consumers to be rewarded for this, something that currently only happens at large companies.

You can trade these carbon credits later to make a profit, but you can also keep them in your possession to fight climate change even more.

C+Charge tokens are currently available in a presale where you only have a few days left to purchase the tokens. The token will be posted on BitMart on March 31, and the presale will close a few days before that.

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4. RobotEra (TARO) – New metaverse coin available in presale

We have been familiar with the term metaverse for several years now. This started from the crypto world and grew into something that Mark Zuckerberg invested billions in to make it a reality for Meta.

It is still waiting for the real breakthrough of the metaverse with the general public and RobotEra can help with that. This metaverse project focuses on a Play-to-Earn world on the planet Taro.

This planet has been destroyed by a war between humans and robots and you can rebuild this planet by infiltrating as a robot. Then, with the help of others, or robots, you can build anything you can imagine.

Ultimately, you can charge an entrance fee for what you have built in order to also earn money from RobotEra. Everything on this metaverse will be traded with the TARO token.

That token is already available in a presale that has already raised more than $1 million to date. The presale is built up in three different phases where the price will increase after each phase.

At the moment, the first phase is still in progress, so in order to invest extra cheaply, you have to be there on time.

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5. Neo (NEO) – Will the Chinese crypto boom continue in the near future?

It may sound a bit crazy, but the Chinese cryptocurrency market is doing very well so far this year. That while last year the Chinese government issued important regulations for the market, which banned mining, for example.

The fact that the crypto prices of Chinese crypto coins are rising again this year has to do with a number of developments. Firstly, the current crypto bull run is responsible for this, but there also seems to be some change in the cryptocurrency field in China.

For example, Hong Kong wants to become an important hub for crypto projects. They therefore want crypto companies to establish themselves there and will set up favorable laws and regulations for this.

After this news, the crypto prices of coins like NEO shot up, because there was suddenly a lot of future for these Chinese projects. Furthermore, the Chinese government also seems to be more and more concerned with cryptocurrency.

The digital yuan should become an important means of payment in China. Although this currency is nothing more than a centralized, digital version of the current Chinese currency, it does show China’s ambition.

Neo is one of the most interesting Chinese crypto projects and has been in the top 100 most valuable crypto coins in the world for years. It is a decentralized crypto project that supports the main functions of crypto technology.

The project has recently been completely renewed due to a major upgrade to N3. This has to be the most powerful version of the Neo blockchain to date, and therefore has the most features.

The price of NEO still has every opportunity to rise if you look at the past results. For example, during the crypto bull run in 2018, the coin already reached a value of around $150.

That while the currency is currently fluctuating around a rate of $12. An equalization of the previous record therefore already gives you a value increase of more than 10 times!

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