Crypto investment: A world of men?

96% of crypto investors are men. This is one of the many lessons learned from the report published by Crypto Check in collaboration with Just Mining and Cryptoast and conducted on more than 3,000 crypto investors. Zoom today on the profile of the crypto investor.


The fruit of the collaboration between several crypto players, the first report on the use of cryptocurrencies in France makes it possible to better map this type of investment. Via socio-demographic criteria in particular, we will seek to understand who the investor is, how he invests and finally in what types of products.

What is the Profile of the Crypto Investor?

Crypto investing: A world of men?This rich survey makes it possible to highlight the profiles who invest in digital currency. As we saw in the introduction, this universe is today mainly represented by male investors. With nearly 96% of respondents on this study of 3,000 people.

As for age, the investor’s median is around 30 years. This means that 50% of respondents are over 30 and 50% are under 30. More than one in three investors (37%) are between 20 and 29 years old. This is the most represented age group. The level of training of the crypto investor is also rather high with 71% with a technical background higher than Bac + 2. Almost a fifth of the respondents also have a level of study greater than or equal to a doctorate.

Among the socio-professional categories best represented in the crypto universe, we find the following trifecta:

  • Managers and higher intellectual professions: 28.7% of the panel
  • Employees: 22.5% of the panel
  • Students: 17.7% of the panel

Job seekers, intermediate professions and manual workers are the least well-represented CSPs.

If we focus on the motivations of French investors, the first criterion is obviously that of the potential capital gain to be achieved (86% of respondents). Barely fewer (85%) support the innovation and technology behind crypto projects. About 7 out of 10 people are sensitive to the values ​​defended by the various projects. In terms of experience, the survey reveals that 48% of investors have been in the crypto market for less than a year. Barely 18% of investors have been on the market for more than 3 years.

How the French Invest in Crypto?

Almost 9 in 10 investors do their own research before investing. Among investors, nearly a third are members of an online community. About a quarter of those who invest do so through the advice of a member of their entourage.

Good to know : Almost 75% of investors say they are in the market for the long term (several years). Daily trading, whether regular or not, ultimately concerns only a tiny part of the sample studied (3%).

If we focus on the investment methodology, nearly 45% of respondents say they use the investment method. Dollar Cost Average (DCA). A method which consists in dividing its investment into several positions taken over time. They are in the same proportions to invest depending on the context, while the one-shot investment method attracts just over 10% of respondents.

Almost one in two investors (46%) use the tools of technical analysis and fundamental analysis before getting started. Among the selection criteria for a project, the most cited themes are as follows:

  • The technology behind the project (83%)
  • The ambition of the project (73%)
  • The management team (67%)

Among the preferred sources for obtaining information on a project, investors primarily use websites or Google. Youtube videos are also particularly popular. In terms of investment tool, the Binance platform is widely acclaimed. With nearly 80% of users among the 3,000 surveyed. Well ahead of other platforms like Coinbase (23.8%) or Kraken (15.2%). Centralized platforms (75.6%) are moreover used more than hardware wallets (39.5%) or hot wallets (48.6%).

Zoom on the portfolio of crypto investors

In terms of crypto wallet, one word seems to predominate: diversification. The median of crypto investors is now around € 5,000. With obviously some disparities according to income. Thus, annual income above € 70,000 would have an average portfolio of € 25,000. Only 6% of those surveyed had a portfolio over 100,000 €.

While diversification seems to be the norm on crypto projects, this is not the case in terms of the overall investment portfolio. Thus, for 40% of respondents, cryptocurrency represents more than half of their investments. A figure that even rises to 55% among those under 20. For nearly 35% of the panel, cryptocurrency even concentrates their entire investment. Here we are far from the levels usually advised for an extremely volatile and risky asset. The profile of the crypto investor would therefore be particularly exposed to risk.

If we think in terms of assets held, the most important projects like Bitcoin but especially Ethereum collect the most support. Here are the cryptos that respondents have in their wallets. More than 80% of them own ETH, in particular for the fact that it is at the heart of the DeFi ecosystem.

Crypto investing: A world of men?

They are also the two most anticipated cryptos by investors over the coming months. Then come the Polkadot (DOT), Solana (SOL) or Polygon (MATIC) projects. Among the projects considered to be the most disappointing among investors, we find Dogecoin (DOGE) in the lead, followed closely by Ripple (XRP) or Litecoin (LITE).

The study, which also takes stablecoins into account, specifies that 79% of investors use them. Regarding NFTs, they are only 24% to own them. However, the adoption of this new kind of tokens remains more important among young audiences.

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